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Why Take Down Christmas Lights

July has fireworks. October has pumpkins. There are many excuses throughout the year to see brilliant light displays, and December has possibly the greatest of them all – The Christmas Lights.

But, we get ahead of ourselves. Here we are, dear Stouffville, right in the middle of yet another of the coldest seasons of the year. Yes, Stouffville, it seems we are going to have to face another winter season. That’s right Stouffville, another winter season filled with trudging through wet snow that was made the night before. That’s right Stouffville, another winter season spent trying to get our cars warm enough to bearably and safely drive them around. That’s right Stouffville, yet another winter season where we can’t even go outside because the very air itself is trying to freeze us to death.

Hold on, hold on! We may have a problem with winter, but there are a lot of upsides to it as well! That cold air we talked about mere sentences ago is a great excuse to stay inside, sit cozy with the family, and spend time together. Who needs cars or walking when we can spend time inside as well!

And think of all the winter only activities that can be done in the winter… only. For example, sure fishing on an open lake is fine for some, but being huddle in a hut, sitting around a hole in the ice has a certain coziness to it that cannot be denied. Thrill seekers may fly down a mountain at break neck, dizzying speeds when they hit the slopes – that would be hard to do in the summer! 

But, dear reader, there is one thing winter has that no other season can claim. It is something we spoke about earlier, it’s Christmas lights! Sure, one can go about sprinkling faerie lights on their deck in the summer, but it won’t match the magic that are Christmas lights! Some may call them that, some may call them outdoor holiday lighting, all we know is that we call them beautiful.

Everyone does! There isn’t a soul on this planet who doesn’t love the look of outdoor holiday lighting. Not just the look either – but the feeling that they bring when we look at them. That overwhelming, warm feeling that can only be described as the holiday spirit. It’s one of the only feelings we can confidently say is shared by most, especially by those who live in the Stouffville area. 

However, now that the holiday season is coming to an end, it seems we’re going to have to say goodbye to those outdoor holiday lights we here in Stouffville love so very much. It seems we’re going to have to buckle up for yet another winter, another grey mess of darkness and mono coloured (if grey counts as a color) environments. Yes, it’s right ahead of us, dear Stouffville.

There is one more thing we have to do before we head off into the holiday season however – we have to take down those outdoor holiday lights. It’s a simple process – one that won’t take longer than putting them up (in fact, this job might even be easier than taking them down). But we have to ask ourselves before we even start to process – why would we even bother taking down this outdoor holiday lighting? Why even go through this tedious process, if it’s not only a pain but could also cause literal pain? Well, we’re going to hopefully answer that question today!

Remember folks – for everyone that doesn’t want to have to take down their own outdoor holiday lighting there are professionals who would be happy to do it! 

Why Take Down Outdoor Holiday Lights?

Why would one take down outdoor holiday lights? Think of it this way – one is just going to have to put them back up next year! Why take the time to put them up and down again, every single year, every single way. We’ve talked before about how this whole process can not only be tedious, it can be dangerous, so why put oneself in danger?

Why? Because It’s Tacky

There are a few reasons as to why one should take down outdoor holiday lights. For starters, keeping them up all year can be… how do we put this lightly… tacky. Outdoor holiday lights are really for one time of the year, and keeping them up all the time can make it look like the homeowner, gardener or landscaper who owns the property is lazy.

Why? Because It’s Costly And Dangerous

For those who don’t care about being tacky, consider this – outdoor holiday lighting can not only cost the average homeowner, landscaper or gardener money, it can be a fire hazard. Having that kind of electrical wiring running throughout the year can be costly. Also, considering it’s outdoor electrical lighting, it can be dangerous. We know it’s usually protected against water, but one crack in the lining can mean that a fire could happen. Also, if we’re considering price here – keeping them outside all year is going to wear down one’s holiday lighting. It’s going to mean that come next year, when it’s the holiday season, one is going to have to go out and buy brand new lights.

Why? Because It Disparages The Season

If we take all of that out of the equation, for those who aren’t still convinced – consider that keeping up outdoor holiday lights mean they won’t be as special. There’s something special about seeing those outdoor holiday lights when it’s right at the start of wintertime – if we saw them all the time they wouldn’t be as special!

And so, this article about why to take down one’s outdoor holiday lighting has come to an end. Remember this folks – for those out there who don’t want to do this tedious and pain in the rear task – there are professionals out there who would love to do it!

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