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Why Remove Snow 

Brrrr! The winds of winter are upon us, Stouffville! And with the holiday season slowly disappearing behind us, it seems that things are going to get a lot colder and a lot less colorful. 

The winds are going to start picking up. We’ve already had three nasty winter storms (at least here in Stouffville) does this mean we’re gearing up for one heck of a white winter? Are the conditions going to be cold, windy and wet? Winter already is the season of greyness and death, anything else and we’re going to be in for a tough time.

There are some upsides to winter, however. There are a lot of things that one cannot do in any other season that one has to do when there is snow on the ground. For example, when’s the only time one can bomb down a hill on skis? When’s the only time one can stand on the ice – wether it be for a skate with a loved one or some ice fishing with some buddies? When is it that people will get to see the beauty of the coniferous trees adorned with snow? 

These are the upsides of winter, however we remember the worst downside of them all – snow removal. There is no chore, in any season, more tedious than snow removal. The only thing snow removal can be compared to is raking leaves, but at least raking leaves is a chore one only has to do a couple of times in the fall (depending on one’s proximity to a tree). Snow removal is something that’s not only constant during the winter months, it’s integral. 

It is the most tedious of winter chores, snow shovelling, but there is one important question that many, including the wonderful denizens of Stouffville, have been asking: when should one snow shovel? If there is a big storm and snow is littered all over one’s driveway, or perhaps the walkway to one’s house, when would be the best time to try to do this most annoying of tasks? Better yet, why should one even bother removing snow at all? If this job is as tedious and potentially dangerous as we’re making it out to be, then why should we even bother? Well, this is what this article is going to hopefully try to explain – why should one even remove snow? 

And for those who’s answer to that question is “never” then why not try hiring the professionals? 

Why do we remove snow? 

This question is all too important, because it could be the answer to everyone’s prayers. If there are no good reasons to shovel snow, then surely we won’t have to do it, right? Surely we can all put this most egregious task in the past, right?

Unfortunately, no. There are actually many good reasons to shovel one’s snow, and we’re going to tackle them right now:

1- Too Much Snow Can Be Dangerous

Picture this – one needs to go from their house to their driveway. They get out of their garage and all they see is a bunch of snow. This snow could represent a lot of dangers to the average homeowner, landscaper or gardener -it could mean trips. It could mean getting snow in one’s boots or one’s socks, which could mean getting sick. In the very least, having a lot of snow on one’s driveway is going to mean a lot of discomfort in the future. At best it’s going to be a pain to get around, which brings us to our next point…

2- We Need To Fit Our Cars In Driveways

A lot of people have good winter tires. This is a fact, especially for people who have to live in the icy tundra known as Stouffville. While this may be a fact, a lot of people still get stuck in snow when the winter time comes. A lot of people still find themselves spinning their wheels, desperately just wanting to park their cars.

Not only that but consider this – when the snowplow comes and they leave that huge pile of snow in front of one’s driveway? How is a tiny little Ford Focus supposed to get over that thing without getting hopelessly stuck? This is why we need to keep our driveways clear of all snow, slush, and of course…

3- We Don’t Want Ice Forming

Ice. The worst part of the winter, except for maybe the cold air. We have to face ice when we go out into the world, the last place we want to face ice is when we come home.

If snow on one’s driveway is dangerous, ice on one’s driveway could be literally deadly. One may laugh at that statement, but many people each year die from slipping on ice. Even a fully fledged adult who’s in good shape can really hurt themselves slipping on ice. It can be the reason someone could sue someone else, so it could cost one financially. Cars also tend to not work well on ice either. 

If one doesn’t hurt themselves slipping on ice, they will at least look silly. Speaking of how things look…

4- Aesthetically, It Looks Better 

Who doesn’t love the look of a freshly shovelled driveway? Sure, it’s a big labour shovelling a driveway, but once that labour is finally done we can look back on it and see all the effort one put into the job. One can see all the hard work they put forward, and enjoy what they’ve done. The black asphalt of a driveway against the snow that surrounds it, the big mounds of snow one put on either side of the driveway. We can now park our cars in this driveway without worry. We can now walk around this driveway without expecting to slip. We can now live, thrive and survive on this driveway. 

And so, this article about why one should remove snow has come to an end. Remember folks, for those who don’t want to remove snow there are plenty of local companies who would be happy to do it. 

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