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More Compliments For Holiday Lighting

And so dear Stouffville, here we are. If one were too look around, what would one see? They would see that we are in the midst of a very white winter, and this one has been no joke.

Already we’ve had two major snowfalls that have been the bane of any member of the Stouffville community without winter tires. Already our boots and shoes and socks have been soaked with the slush of the aftermath of those aforementioned winter snows. Already have we felt the bite of a day too cold, the reflection of a sun too bright on the snow, the skittering of tires on wet, frozen road. Yes, dear Stouffville, winter is here and it’s here to stay… for now.

Enough of the negative! We here in Stouffville are a strong bunch – we’ve survived many winters before this! Not just survived either, no, we have thrived through this, the coldest of seasons! We have gone and braved a long trudge across a lake, only to sit around a hole in the ice praying we catch a fish. We have climbed the highest peaks in our great province, only to slide back down them at beak neck speeds. We have drank hot cocoa, we have warmed ourselves by the fire, we have endured, dear Stouffville!

As we said before, we are indeed in the middle of the winter. But, luckily, there is something else we here in Stouffville are in the midst of – and that is the holiday season! The most wonderful time of not only the winter season, but also possibly the most wonderful time of the year! It’s a time where we experience some of the best that the winter can offer. For starters, and possibly most importantly, we get to see all the beautiful Christmas lights!

Sometimes called outdoor holiday lighting, these are certainly a highlight of this season. Heck, like the holiday season itself, it may be a highlight of the whole year! Who can deny the joy that one feels when they are faced with the gorgeous, beautiful bursts of light that come from an outdoor holiday lighting display? When one sees those twinkling, colorful beauties adorned across the average home, no one can say they don’t feel the spirit of the holiday!

And spirit they do spread, dear Stouffville. Spirit they spread all across the land, to anyone who comes into contact with them. To anyone who looks up at that beautiful display and takes in what they’re seeing. To anyone on the street who happens upon these gorgeous pieces of hard work. 

Hard work they are indeed. Wether it be a personal project that the whole family takes on, or using the help of a local landscaping company, these little strings of light can be a pain to put up, but they are also incredibly rewarding! Like we said before, just one look at some outdoor holiday lighting once one has taken the time to put them up and one’s heart will be full with holiday cheer. 

While they are hard work, the most important part of putting up any outdoor holiday lighting display isn’t the lights themselves – it’s deciding what will compliment those lights. Lights are great on their own, but no outdoor holiday lighting display is compete without some accents, some compliments, in short – other decorations. One cannot have a full outdoor holiday lighting display without some of these extras. We’ve talked about this kind of thing on this website before, but there were some that we missed. So, without further ado, here are more compliments for one’s outdoor holiday lighting display. And for those of us out there who would rather avoid the process entirely – there are professionals out there who would love to help!

Why Add Compliments To An Outdoor Holiday Lighting Display?

For most, just an outdoor holiday lighting display would be enough. Surely adding things that would “compliment” an already beautiful outdoor holiday lighting display would be too much. It would be, as some say, overkill. We think completely differently. 

We think that anything that can be added to an outdoor holiday lighting display is a win. We think that an outdoor holiday lighting display filled to the brim with about everything that has to do with Christmas or with any other holiday is one that is not just right, it’s perfect.

Some may say that less is more – we disagree. We think in the case of outdoor holiday lighting, we think more is more. And more is better.

More Compliments To Add To An Outdoor Holiday Lighting Display:


This is the traditional thing to add to an outdoor holiday lighting display. Back in the days before electricity, this is how most people would light up their Christmas trees. And so, for those who want a traditional outdoor holiday lighting display, then candles would be the way to go.

We have to warn our dear readers however: candles can be very dangerous. They are obviously a fire hazard, so when placing them in one’s outdoor holiday lighting display, one has to be careful to keep them away from anything that could catch on fire.


The opposite of traditional – a lot of times these things outright replace outdoor holiday lighting. However, instead of not putting any up, one could use a projector to compliment the outdoor holiday lighting display. Use the outdoor holiday lighting as specific colors, then wash out the entire thing in one big color – it would not just be complimentary, it would be gorgeous! 

And so, this article about more compliments to add to an outdoor holiday lighting display has come to an end. We learned a lot today, however. We learned that outdoor holiday lighting demands compliments. We learned that when it comes to outdoor holiday lighting displays, that more is always better. We learned about traditional versus non-traditional approaches – specifically about using candles or projectors in one’s outdoor holiday lighting display. 

Remember this, people of Stouffville – all those who don’t want to do their own outdoor holiday lighting can always count on the professionals!

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