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More Reasons To Hire Local Snow Removal Companies

Well Stouffville, it was inevitable. We knew it from the moment September came and those leaves started to tint a bit on the brown side. We knew it as soon as we walked outside and what used to be a cool summer air became a chilly fall breeze. It was cemented the first time we felt the fall breeze go from chilly to cold. We knew we would have to face…. Another winter. 

Another winter Stouffville! When will it end??? Presumably never (unless the equator gets moved up a couple thousands kilometers) so we’re going to have to face this inevitability once more. The greys! The whites! The terribly colourless world! With the holiday season behind us, it seems we have pretty much nothing to look forward too until at least April. When the snow will melt and we can once again see green…

No! No more will we collectively hate winter, dear Stouffville. There is so much one can do in the winter they cannot during any of the other seasons. A mudman would be messy and would melt in the hot sun, but a snowman stays together and is fun for the whole family! Watch as kids slide down the hill on plastic toboggans (maybe take a ride yourself, parents of Stouffville). That’s something we couldn’t do without the snow! Skiing without a boat? Only in winter. Standing over frozen water, holding hands with a loved one while skating around a rink? These are only things that can be accomplished in winter.

We also lose some of those tedious summer chores – no longer are we constantly having to mow our lawn. Those people in Stouffville who have pools don’t have to worry about cleaning them. Hey – remember how fresh in the memory raking leaves is? That’s gone for a whole three seasons!

Then again, those chores are just replaced by newer, perhaps even more tedious ones. Want to drive a car? Get ready to stand beside it, scraping off ice and snow for at best 5 minutes. Salt now has an ever more present presence in one’s life – one steps and below cars, being tossed around to hopefully melt the ice. And, of course, there’s the dreaded snow removal. 

Ugh, Stouffville, this has to be the worst chore right? Lifting, straining, pushing – a never ending cycle of pain and sweat. A workout that is mandatory. Probably the worst part of the winter – and that’s saying a lot!

So here’s the question, dear Stouffville – why do it? Why spend all of one’s time breaking one’s back this winter? Why spend time in the cold and the slush, getting wet and getting sick just enduring such awful tedious pain? There are companies that would do this – local Stouffville companies!

Yes, the snow removal company. An answer to the question “could someone please remove this snow”. These are the saving graces of any person in the winter who wants to avoid having to do any real work – and they are indeed saving graces. This article is going to go over all the reasons one should hire a local snow removal company to get their home clear of snow. And hey, we ourselves are a local snow removal company, why not try hiring the professionals? 

They Care

This is their business. This is their livelihood. They pay their rent on this, they live and die by this. Why wouldn’t they want to do a good job? 

The average homeowner, gardener or landscaper is going to get sick really quick of having to remove snow from their property. They’re going to hate the fact that every time they see snow falling down, wether it be work day or weekend, they’re going to have to bust their rear ends for the next hour or so.

Not local snow removal companies! They would happily take care of the snow that shows up on one’s driveway or property, wether it be public or private or business. They love especially to snow plow business parking lots – it can mean some extra money for them but more importantly, it can mean everyone who attends that businesses’ parking lot will be safe.

Compare a local company to a big business, or perhaps a snow removal conglomerate. A snow removal conglomerate is going to have a bunch of different clients during the day meaning that the average homeowner, landscaper or gardener isn’t going to have their property looked after all that well. To big companies, the average person is just another number.

Not local smaller companies! Like we said, they live and die based on every single review they get, so they’re going to have to take their time. Get every nook and cranny. Make sure that clients are completely satisfied with their work before they can even think of moving on to the next one. That’s the local difference!

Supporting Local

Things have been hard for local business since the pandemic. All that managed to survive that trying time are still having a hard time finding their footing. Sure, one could go with a big time snow removal company, one that probably didn’t even see a dent in their profits during the pandemic, or hasn’t seen a dent in their profits in years.

Or, one could go support their neighbours. The people they see on the street every day. The people they meet in the parks, in the stores, in gathering places and places of worship. These are the salt of the earth type people, the kinds of people that help a community like Stouffville not only grow, but thrive. A lot of people have been saying to shop local, but now it’s time to put their money where their mouth is. 

And so, this article about hiring a local snow removal company has come to an end. We learned a lot about hiring local today though, didn’t we? We learned that smaller local snow removal companies are going to care a lot more about one’s property than not only the average homeowner, gardener or landscaper, but also the average big time snow removal company as well. We also learned how important it was to support local businesses – especially after all that has gone down over the last couple of years.

Remember this folks – for those who don’t want to do this themselves, remember there is a whole slew of local companies happy to do it for them! 

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