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Why One Should Remove A Tree Stump

Ah yes, the most glorious of seasons – summer. All one has to do really is look outside to bask in the aforementioned glory. The sky is a glorious streak of light blue, adorned to the brim with fluffy white clouds. Look down and one may see a sea of green, grass that reflects beautifully the sky above.

Citizens of the great town of Stouffville! We are in the midst of yet another amazing summer, and we personally can’t get enough of it. We love the weather, we love the attitude it brings our fellow denizens of Stouffville, we just love being outside in general!

Yes, outside is great during the summer, but being outside also comes with a lot of responsibilities. One can find no shortage of things to do in the summer, especially for homeowners, landscapers and gardeners. There are chores galore in this most glorious of seasons, and while it may be a pain it’s something that has to be done.

One chore many people of Stouffville may face this summer is removing a stump. There is an eyesore that plagues the backyards of certain landscapers, homeowners and gardeners – and that would be a stump. Sure, it can be used as a seat, but mostly it’s just taking up space in an otherwise great backyard. So today, we’re going to be talking about how to take the pesky stumps out of the backyard of the average homeowner, gardener or landscaper. Also, for those who do not want to do it themselves, we are happy to take out stumps for anyone! 

First off – Why Would Someone Take Out A Tree Stump?

Stouffville Tree Stump

Like we mentioned earlier, tree stumps can be a great, natural chair? Why would someone want to go through all the trouble of removing a tree stump when it’s, at it’s worst, just taking up space? Well, believe it or not, there are actually many reasons why the average homeowner, landscaper or gardener would want to take out a tree stump.

1 – Tree Stumps Can Spread Disease and Infestations

Infestations are the thing we want to start with here. A tree stump is a dead tree, and so it will start to rot. Rotting tree stumps can be the home to all sorts of unwanted pests – a few being carpenter ants and termites. While this may be a huge issue for the tree stump, one could only imagine the damage those nasty pests could do should they reach the landscaper, gardener or homeowners home. Keeping a tree stump around without removing it is just asking these pests to come along and cause trouble. 

Also, rotting tree stumps that aren’t removed can play home to a lot of dangerous fungi – stuff that can hurt the loved ones of any homeowner, landscaper or gardener that chooses not to remove the tree stump. 

Tree Stump Disease

Speaking of trouble, one may also be able to imagine the fact that a rotting tree stump is ripe for disease. This disease can spread to other plants in the yard of the homeowner, landscaper or gardener, causing possible major problems for those aforementioned other plants. Removing that tree stump is not only efficient for the other plants in one’s yard, it’s the responsible thing to do for one’s neighbours as well. We here in Stouffville have thriving plant life – we wouldn’t want a tree stump to kill all that beautiful life, would we?

2 – If One Does Not Remove That Tree Stump, They are Giving Up Space In Their Backyard.

Yes, we mentioned that a tree stump can be a good seat. But there are actually better seats for one’s backyard – actual chairs. If one should choose not to remove that tree stump, one is going to be giving up valuable space one can use for other things.

Think about all the things that can be done if a tree stump is removed – gardeners can make an extension on their garden. Homeowners can add in some patio furniture, or heck a patio itself, to do some more entertaining in the home. And landscapers – one could always do with another shed to put away those tools, right? 

Tree Stump Removal

One has to understand that one of the only things standing in one’s way of ultimate backyard surface area is the pesky tree stump that is just beginning to be removed!

3 – Tree Stumps Mean Gardening Is Harder, and Damage Could be Done. Removing That Tree Stump Alleviates this Issue! 

Gardeners out there – would gardening not be easier if that tree stump was removed? Would it not be easier to maneuver around in one’s garden if it wasn’t for that tree stump? Also, wouldn’t all those worries about accidentally running over a dirty, rotten log with a lawn mower be alleviated if that tree stump was removed?

That’s the issue with tree stumps – they can cause a lot of damage. Not just to lawn mowers either, there is a secret that nearly all tree stumps keep from homeowners, gardeners and landscapers. One word: Roots. Roots can still grow even if the rest of the tree is dead, and that can mean disaster for pipes. Those roots can grow into the pipes, bursting them and causing untold amounts of damage to the property of the average homeowner, landscaper or gardener. Taking out that tree stump means those roots will stop growing, which means everyone can take a deep breath and not worry!

Stouffville Tree Stump Removal

And so, this article about why one should remove a tree stump has come to an end. However, one must keep in mind that removing a tree stump is no easy task. Without the proper tools, one could mess up the job, do it wrong or at worst, hurt themselves! That’s why it’s very important to let the professionals do this kind of job. Luckily, this is a job that we here at Sunready provide. Instead of doing removing that stump, let us do it! We will do it happily.

The Sunready Landscaping team is ready to help you create extraordinary outcomes. Proudly serving the Greater Toronto Area from our home base in Stouffville since 2016.

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