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Tree Removal – A Comprehensive Guide Part 1: Why?

Ahh yes, dear denizens of Stouffville, it seems we are in the midst of a beautiful summer. All one would have to do is look outside to see it – how the green has overtaken our collective lawns and streets, bathed in the glow of a glorious summer sun. One can look up and see nothing but blue, one can look out and see nothing but happy fellow Stouffville people, making their merry ways around town. Yes, we are finally here, after months of waiting, toiling away during the brutal winter, we can enjoy summer.

While all of us – every landscaper, gardener and homeowner in Stouffville all enjoy these gorgeous summer months, we have to keep in mind that there is still work to be done. While we may want to spend our days relaxing and soaking up that summer sun, there are still many things one has to do around the house. One has to maintain their lawn, do upkeep on their garden and, the subject of todays article, should one want too they have to take down a couple of trees.

But why would someone want to take down trees? Is there truly any reason to get rid of such a majestic being, one that provides the average landscaper, homeowner or landscaper with oxygen, as well as shade? Well, these are some of the questions we hope to answer in this article. So, without further ado, please enjoy the first part of Tree and Stump Removal – A comprehensive guide, where we ask the question – why? Why would someone want to remove a tree? 

There are many reasons as to why someone would want to remove a tree. We are going to go down the list of reasons why a landscaper, homeowner or gardener would need (or simply just want) to get a tree off of their property.

The Tree Is Dead

Probably the most obvious reason for wanting to get rid of a tree in a yard is that it has died. Not only is it an eyesore (all the branches are grey, it no longer grows leaves, etc) but it is also dangerous to the home. At any point that dead tree could come crashing down – causing potentially huge amounts of money in damage.  And it’s not only the tree itself that could cause some damage – imagine one of the branches were to fall on a structure, or worse, a person! Also a dead tree brings none of the benefits that an alive tree does – it no longer provides shade to the homeowners, landscapers or gardeners that own it, it no longer spews out precious oxygen, and it doesn’t retain any water as well. Do the tree a favour and have it removed.

The Tree Is Either Diseased or Decaying

It’s a sad thing to see a tree in its final stages of life. And, like a dead tree, they can be rather dangerous. All the same issues stated above can be applied to a diseased or decaying tree – it doesn’t have curb appeal, it’s dangerous, it’s not providing any of the benefits to whichever landscaper, homeowner or gardener owns it. Also, as if that wasn’t enough incentive, diseased trees have the potential to pass on their disease to other, healthy trees! Getting rid of a diseased or decaying tree is not only a service for oneself, but a service to the entire tree community as a whole.

A Damaged Tree

A big storm happens. Lightning and thunder crash all around, rain smashes against the sides of one’s house, the wind blows furiously. And once all is said and done- the tree that once stood in the yard has been irreparably damaged by the storm. It’s heartbreaking, yes, but this tree must be removed. Once again, these trees will cause a safety risk to all those who live around them. An irreparably damaged tree must be removed, as it will eventually die and take on all the disadvantages of a dead tree. Not only that, but depending on how the tree was damaged, the damaged part could cause a threat to those that live around it.

The following reasons aren’t great reasons for wanting to remove a tree, but we decided to include them. They are somewhat valid reasons, although to some they may seem a little harsh.

  • The tree is in the way of a view the homeowner, landscaper or gardener wishes to see.
  • The tree is too big for the property.
  • The tree is in the way of a new project the homeowner, landscaper or gardener wishes to work on.
  • The tree casts too much shade on a certain area.
  • The tree sheds too much (it spills too many leaves, quills or sap on the property).
  • There are too many trees on the property on which the homeowner, landscaper or gardener lives.

We cannot tell anyone what to do with their property, so if they decide they want a tree gone for any of the above reasons we have no say. We’re not here to cast judgment, just to inform.

And so, this article about why someone would want to take part in the act of tree removal has come to an end. But what did we learn today? We learned about the four Ds of tree removal- one should get rid of a tree if it is dead, damaged, decaying or diseased. We learned that we need to get rid of any of the above trees because they can be a liability not just to the average homeowner, gardener or landscaper, not only to the property of the previous three groups, but they can also be a liability to other trees. 

It’s always a hard thing to do, getting rid of a tree. Trees are some of the greatest plants one can have on their property – we all know how beneficial they can be. We know they provide oxygen and shade, we know they can be a beautiful piece of a garden, we know they can do all that for generations to come. However, when a tree stops being beneficial, they become a liability. And we all know liabilities are something we cannot abide on our properties. 

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