The Outdoor Fire Pit

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Summer is here, Stouffville. This is not a drill folks, we’d like to remind you once again – Summer is here! Gone are the days where we were forced to huddle around together, facing blistering winds and sub zero temperatures, we can now brave the outside world like we as humans were always meant too. Ah yes, it is going to be another glorious group of months, spent gazing gleefully at the summer sky. Spent splendidly strolling through sunshiney streets, loving every moment of this beautiful weather. And finally, it’s going to be spent relaxing during cool summer nights, surrounded by friends, drinking in the beauty that comes with this most celebrated of seasons. 

However, what is a summer night without a bonfire? Sure, one could sit around on a patio, getting clobbered left right and centre by bugs. The thinner blooded of us being forced back into the light sweaters we ditched all the way back in fall. Or, conversely, we could all just sit around a bonfire and say goodbye to sweaters, goodbye to pests, but most of all- goodbye to the dark. With a bonfire, one must never again be faced with the darkness that once came with the winter. One can always be warm, one can always see the face of the person they’re talking too, one can truly and finally be free. 

But, herein lies the question. What about those landscapers, homeowners and gardeners who don’t have access to a bonfire pit, or a fire pit in general? How are they supposed to acquire the truly sought after freedom that comes with a fire pit? Well, we are here to answer that question – we are here to teach one how one could go about making a fire pit. Yes, finally, we can all go out and enjoy summer to the fullest… true fire pit freedom is just a few steps away.

Luckily, one does not have to cut their own stones anymore to build a fire pit. A lot of these smaller backyard pits come as a kit, and can be fairly easily assembled. Also, should ones area not allow fire pits, some great alternatives are chimineas. However, for those who want the true fire pit experience – read on and learn.

Pick a location.

This, definitely, is the easiest step in the fire pit building process. Also, if one is using a fire pit kit, then it is the most creative part as well. One must always remember that one has to consult their local bylaws in order to be certain that a fire pit is allowed in their area. Otherwise, one could face fines. If it is acceptable however, then everything should be good to go. All those homeowners, gardeners and landscapers out there wishing to build a fire pit can proceed. 

Mark down where the fire pit is going to be located.

Depending on what shape the fire pit is going to be, one is going to have to mark out that shape. A lot of people like to use spray paint for this step in the process, making a spray paint circle which will eventually be their fire pit. For more accuracy, one can also put a stake to make the circle around. 

Build The Base

Next, the homeowner, gardener or landscaper making this fire pit is going to