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Why Should One Do A Spring Cleanup?

Look outside, dear Stouffville. Feel the air. Look up at the sky. Wait until 6PM tonight. Notice anything? The grass has appeared. While the air is still cold, there’s a certain new life to it’s feel, to its smell. The sky is blue. When 6PM rolls around, it’s no longer pitch black. That could only mean one thing…

Spring is around the corner! Personally we couldn’t be more excited, Stouffville, and we know that a lot of people from this town agree with us. People tend not to like winter and for good reason – it’s cold, it’s miserable, and it’s just a generally very grey time. People tend not to like winter for those reasons, especially a lot of the people we have talked too in Stouffville.

However those times are almost behind us! Yes we know we are in the middle of February and the winter is seemingly not even close to behind us, but come on. Tell us, Stouffville, does everyone not get a little excited when they see march on the calendar? Do we not get a little bit of hope in our hearts when “spring break” is around the corner? We know that for us adults spring break doesn’t mean anything, but come on. Even the association is a little meaningful.

Plus, with winter gone that means goodbye to all of the winter chores! Gone are the days where we would have to go out in the middle of the freezing cold (sometimes multiple times a day) in order to shovel fresh snow that has fallen on our properties. Sometimes, and we know anyone from Stouffville would hate this, sometimes the snow falls in the middle of the night and we’re forced to shovel the snow in the morning! Sometimes the snow is hard, sometimes the snow is wet, but every time it’s a pain the the rear end. 

But those days are almost behind us for another year. However, here’s the kicker – with a whole new season comes a whole new mess of chores that we here in Stouffville have to deal with. One that is dreaded by all is the spring cleanup. So we’re here to ask all of the people from Stouffville- why do it? Why bust one’s hump cleaning up after winter, why should one even bother? Why would, after a whole winter of hardship, would the average homeowner, landscaper or gardener go out of their way to do even more work? Well, this is the question we hope to answer in this article – what is a spring cleanup, and why is it important. Also always remember, for those who really don’t want to bother, there are always professionals out there who will do the job! 

What Is Spring Cleanup? 

So, to begin, we should talk about what exactly a spring cleanup is. There may be some homeowners, landscapers or gardeners out there who are asking this very question. Why should one do a spring cleanup? What is a spring cleanup? Could it be avoided?

Sure, like anything in life, a spring cleanup could be avoided. One could just blow it off and just go straight to mowing lawns or doing other spring related chores. However, it would not be advisable to do so. 

A spring cleanup is exactly how it sounds – it’s when a homeowner, gardener or landscaper goes through their property and cleans up all the things that were left there during the winter months. One may be asking: what could possibly be left there during the winter months? Well, a lot actually.

During the winter months a lot of debris can land on one’s property. Some branches from trees could have fallen down, or perhaps some garbage that was covered by the winter snow could be hiding somewhere. This is where the spring cleanup would come in – it would make sure that all that debris that has built up over the winter has been removed so that the average homeowner, landscaper or gardener can be free to continue with winter chores. We can also initially prep the property to be ready for the summer months – that can mean the removal of weeds, the getting ready of garden beds, and other preliminary tasks that one should do with a garden or a property after winter.

So Why Should One Do A Spring Cleanup?

And now we get to the root of the article – why should one do a spring cleanup? Again we ask the question, why would one go through all the pain in the butt that is doing the spring cleanup? Well, it’s not just an issue of making a property look good, it can also be an issue of safety.

Not doing this spring cleanup would mean that all this debris is still kicking around come summer. Not only does that makes one’s property look junky, it can actually be dangerous. When one is mowing the lawn, if they were to encounter a stick or a heavy branch, they would be subject to either damage to the lawn mower or damage to themselves. Garbage being sucked up by a lawnmower can also mean danger for the average landscaper, homeowner or gardener, depending on what kind of garbage it is. Not doing a preliminary weed pick just means more picking weeds for the future.

And so, this article about the importance of a spring cleanup has come to an end. But we learned a lot about spring cleanups today, didn’t we? We learned about what exactly a spring cleanup is – it’s pretty much exactly as it sounds. It’s a cleanup of all the things that came onto the property during the winter, and it often happens in the spring when the snow melts. We also learned about the importance of doing a spring cleanup – why it’s important to do it because it can be dangerous not too. Also, it’s nice to have a good looking property going into summer. We here in Stouffville have always prided ourselves on how good our yards look. And always remember, there are professional companies out there who are happy to do this kind of thing!

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