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Offering pride to homeowners through stunning curb appeal

After many years of hard work and determination the company has now grown to be a staple in Stouffville, Ontario. Doing great landscape work with each and every customer has provided greater opportunities as the company grows.

Sunready Landscaping is on its way to becoming the #1 landscape service provider in the Greater Toronto Area. We blend the unique capabilities of your yard to create a completely customized, personal landscape for your home or property. Our team of trained professionals gives 100% to our clients and our industry colleagues.

Landscape design plans by Sunready Landscaping

Landscape Design

Our landscape design services are more than just blueprints — they’re a journey towards your ideal outdoor sanctuary. Our design process starts with a consultation where we assess what you are using your space for, your personal taste and the space’s unique potential. From there, our designers bring your vision to life with detailed 2D sketches that capture your dream landscape.

But why stop there? We believe in offering nothing short of extraordinary, which is why we also provide immersive 3D designs. These lifelike renderings allow you to step into your future oasis before a single stone is laid or flower planted, ensuring every aspect aligns with your vision.

Whether you seek a tranquil retreat, a vibrant gathering space, or anything in between, our team is dedicated to realizing your outdoor dreams with precision and artistry.

Aerial view of backyard landscape construction project by Sunready Landscaping

Landscape Construction

We’re passionate about turning outdoor spaces into personalized retreats that reflect your style and enhance your lifestyle. Our landscape construction services encompass a wide array of features, each designed and expertly crafted to elevate your outdoor living experience.

  • Experience al fresco dining and entertaining with our beautiful patios, seamlessly blending form and function to create inviting gathering spaces.
  • Enhance privacy and define boundaries with our durable and aesthetically pleasing walls, carefully constructed to complement your landscape.
  • Elevate your outdoor pathways with our thoughtfully designed walkways, guiding guests through your outdoor oasis.
  • Transform your culinary experience with our custom outdoor kitchens, complete with top-of-the-line appliances and stylish finishes.
  • Create a shaded retreat with our elegant pergolas or add a touch of luxury with our stylish cabanas, perfect for lounging in style by the pool. Speaking of pools, our expertise extends to crafting breathtaking pools that become the centrepiece of your outdoor space.
Softscape backyard feature by Sunready Landscaping


The true heart of any outdoor space lies in its softscape — the living elements that bring beauty and life to your landscape. Our softscape services encompass a range of expertly curated offerings designed to enhance the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Immerse yourself in a symphony of colours and textures with our garden installations, carefully designed to suit your preferences and thrive on your unique property. Beyond installation, our garden maintenance services ensure that your property remains a thriving oasis year-round.

Enhance your landscape with our expert tree planting, selecting trees for beauty and shade. Transform your yard with lush sodding, creating a vibrant outdoor space. Our softscape offerings extend to encompass a range of additional options tailored to your specific outdoor space.

Let us nurture nature and turn your outdoor space into a living work of art, bursting with vitality and beauty.

Aquascaped backyard feature by Sunready Landscaping


Our passion for aquatic design coupled with a range of services including enchanting ponds, pondless water features, captivating fountains, dynamic pool features, and much more.

Ponds are not just additions to your yard they are a reflection of nature’s beauty, designed to blend seamlessly with your landscape. Our pondless water features provide the soothing sounds of water without the maintenance of a traditional pond, perfect for smaller spaces or those seeking a minimalist aesthetic.

For a touch of elegance, explore our selection of fountains, ranging from classic to contemporary designs. Elevate your pool experience with our innovative pool features, turning your swimming area into a luxurious retreat.

Go beyond the ordinary and let us create your extraordinary water feature that captivates the senses and inspire awe.

Front of home in the GTA with luxurious gardens and landscaping

Seasonal Services

Spring and fall clean up services prep your shrubs, trees, and plants for our great Canadian weather. A spring clean up along with a spring lawn care routine tailored specifically for your property will set your yard up for a healthy growing season. A fall clean up along with specialized fall lawn care will maintain your lawn for the dormant winters. Our clean up services include garden winterization, perennial trimming and deadheading, and protecting your trees and shrubs with burlap. We can take care of your property year-round to ensure your lawn and gardens are always looking their best.

Professional Christmas light install in Stouffville

Holiday Lighting

We cover all your outdoor lighting needs for the holiday season from selecting and providing the highest quality outdoor string lights, to full-service installation and post-holiday takedown. Stay off your ladders this season and leave your Christmas lights and outdoor Christmas decorations to our safety-trained team. We make installation safe and efficient with our boom lift and our trained at heights professionals. With us you also receive the benefit of a lifetime warranty on your selected lights. We provide free service calls and bulb replacements within 24 hours of notification for all of our customers.