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Where To Put A Plow?

Here we have another winter, folks of Stouffville. And it’s not like it’s approaching either, oh no. We are right in the midst of a treacherous winter right now, as we speak. It has been one that has been so full of trails and tribulations, all of these fresh in the memory.

It’s seemingly has been a harsher winter than usual, hasn’t it Stouffville? Usually yes we get some treacherous weather – a winter storm or two that fills our driveways, walkways and parking lots with all sorts of snow. Snow that goes up to our knees, snow that makes our cars skid all of the place, snow that is treacherous indeed.

Usually we only get a couple of those aforementioned moments Stouffville, but this year seems different. We are at the end of January and already we’ve had… four major storms? Four times the weather people have told us here in Stouffville not to hit the roads, four times it has been dangerous to drive. And frankly, that’s just an estimate. We here aren’t even that sure that it’s been that many storms, we’re just going based off the memories of hard driving, not being able to see and most importantly, praying we don’t have any reason to have to go outside.

Yet that’s always the case, isn’t it Stouffville? Whenever one doesn’t want to go outside is always the time they have too. Then, not only do they have to go out into the aforementioned treacherous weather, but they have to do a bunch of winter related chores as well. That’s not just cleaning off one’s car (should one need to drive as well) but at least clearing off the driveway as well, one of the hardest and most tedious of winter tasks. But, here is the question, dear denizens of Stouffville- does it have to be? 

Do we have to hurt our backs and our necks every time we’re faced with a large amount of snow? Pushing the dreaded white stuff from one side of the driveway to the other, lifting with our legs and driving that dastardly powder onto our lawns? Do we have to face not only the wetness that comes with the job, but the freezing cold as well? Must we be forced to face the potential of slipping and falling on our own driveways, making it so that we can’t even perform day to day tasks, let alone our actual job?

Well, that depends. It depends on wether someone wants to A) buy a plow and B) attach it to a vehicle they own. The process would be a pain, and it has some downsides, but this is all something we’re going to explore today in the article. Buckle up dear Stouffville- it’s time to start. Also always remember, there are professional companies out there who already have plows – they could always do the job.

Why Put A Plow On Something?

The simple answer begins with a quick question: what is the worst part of winter? One may be able to say the snow, one may be able to say the cold, one may be able to say the long nights and short days. However, we think the act of snow removal is probably the worst thing about the winter.

The tedious task of shovelling one’s driveway just brings chills down our spine. It combines all the worst aspects of winter – the cold, the wet, the long days and combines them with a chore that is one of the most physically taxing out there. One needs to not only push some wet, heavy snow to one end of a driveway, one then has to pick it up and toss it onto their lawn. 

This is why one would put a plow on something – to make sure that the act of snow removal is a lot easier. It takes most if not all of the work out of snow removal – making this tedious task a lot easier. 

Where To Put A Plow?

So now we have to answer the question – where would one even put a plow? What do we even mean by that question? Well, essentially we mean that one would put a plow on a machine they already own as  a way to make sure that the act of snow removal is a lot easier. Essentially, one is making a snow plow by combining it with one of these vehicles.


This one is probably one of the most accessible things on this list, but still probably not something everyone owns. The ATV is one of the truest expressions of freedom a person could possibly have in their vehicle collection – as it goes on all terrains. One of those terrains, incidentally, happens to be snow. So, what one would do is attach a plow to the front of one’s ATV and voila! A plow is born. 

Lawn Mower

No, here we are not talking about the average push lawn mower that the average homeowner, gardener or landscaper probably owns. That would defeat the purpose of the plow (why not just use a shovel at that point) and honestly probably won’t work well on the snow. We are of course talking about one of the ride on lawnmowers. One would just strap a plow to the front and ride away – pushing the snow all around one’s driveway. This… is honestly something we can’t really recommend. The lawnmower probably wouldn’t run great in the winter and we wouldn’t trust it on our driveways. 

Where would one even get a plow?

This is probably the easiest part of the equation – one can get a plow just about anywhere. From one’s local hardware store to online, the plow is the easiest thing to get! It’s the rest that may be a little hard. 

And so, this article about where to put a plow has come to an end. Some may have read this entire article and though “well what happens if we don’t own any of those things?” That is where, unfortunately tragedy starts to set in. There aren’t a lot of other things to which one can strap a plow, so one may be stuck with just shovelling snow for the entire winter. And if that sounds like a total chore, then remember – there are always professionals willing to do this kind of job! 

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