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Before Hanging Outdoor Holiday Lighting

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yea Stouffville, we are mere moments away from that most anticipated yearly tradition – the holiday season!

Yes, while the holiday season may signify the beginning of winter, we try not to think too much about that. Yes, we here in Stouffville are going to have to face months and months of bitter cold, of greyness all around us, of having to stay indoors (most of the time) because it’s too cold to even step foot outside. Yes, all of these things are on the horizon for us, dear people of Stouffville, but so is the holiday season.

It is truly the most magical time of the year, the holiday season. We love the things it does to our little community of Stouffville. Namely, we love how the holiday season makes Stouffville look and feel. We love the fact that once the holiday season hits, everyone seems to be a little bit in higher spirits. One can feel it in the air (no, that’s not just the cold) there is seemingly a peace amongst all of humankind when the holiday season is put into place.

We love seeing everyone around us in Stouffville feeling that holiday cheer. Wether it be our fellow homeowners, gardeners and landscapers, or it just be the average person walking on the snowy street, the joy other people feel is something that keeps us going throughout the winter, and especially throughout the holiday season.

Want to know what else keeps us going throughout the holiday season? Certain twinkling groups of lights that adorns the buildings and homes of the great town of Stouffville. Veritable fireworks displays that explode off of every surface on which they sit, a beacon of joy and wonder that this holiday season represents.

Yes, we are of course talking about Christmas lights. Some may call the Christmas lights, some may call them outdoor holiday lighting, but for the sake of inclusion we’re going to call them outdoor holiday lighting. There’s nothing more we here at Sunready love more than outdoor holiday lighting, and why wouldn’t we? 

As previously mentioned, they are shining beacons of everything the holiday season (and, in a way, Stouffville as well) represents: joy, hope, brightness. If we can help bring some outdoor holiday lighting to our fellow people of Stouffville, then we could not be happier this holiday season. 

This article is going to be about all the things one should do BEFORE they put up that magical outdoor holiday lighting display. One may not believe it, but there are steps that every person should take before they do this task. Not just for safety either (although that is a big part of it) but also so that the job can be done as efficiently as possible. Without further ado, let’s talk about all the things one should do before they put up their outdoor holiday lighting. Actually wait, one more ado – for those who don’t feel like going through a big process before they put up their holiday lighting, heck, if they don’t want to put up their holiday lighting at all, remember there are professionals who can do this job very well.

Why Take Steps Before Putting Up Outdoor Holiday Lightning?

This is a good question, because not a lot of people would think about why one should take steps before putting up outdoor holiday lighting. They think they can just grab a ladder, grab some lights, and put them up.

Here’s the issue – not only would it be unsafe to do so, it wouldn’t be the smartest of decisions either. It’s unsafe because without taking proper measures, one could easily get hurt in the cold, slippery weather that the winter provides. Also, picture this – one puts up all their Christmas lights, and when they get down it’s a complete mess! Nothing is cohesive, everything is all over the place, none of the colours compliment where they’re put. Sure, the outdoor holiday lighting usually works, and they always look good, but not as good as they would if they’re all cohesive. 

Steps To Take Before Putting Up Outdoor Holiday Lighting:

1 – Scout One’s Area

This is important because it lets whoever is going to work on the outdoor holiday lighting know exactly what they’re working with. Not just space wise, but what they’re working with in their yard.

2- Gather and Catalogue the Materials

This is another very important part of the process – as one is going to need to know how much material they’re going to need in order to complete the job. If one needs to go buy something for this job, then they’re going to have to go out and do so, but they have to keep in mind to stay within budget. 

3- Make Sure Everything Is Safe 

This process includes making sure that the areas one is going to be working in aren’t too slippery, or snow covered or anything in between. That way, no one will get hurt during the process of putting up outdoor holiday lighting. 

4- Get Started! 

This is the part that’s simultaneously the easiest part of the planning, but the hardest part of the project. It’s the easiest part of the planning because there’s no more planning to be done, but it’s the hardest part of the process because it’s the homeowner, gardener or landscaper actually has to do the job! However, with all the planning that went into this job, it should be easy!

And so, this article about the steps one should take before putting up outdoor holiday lighting has come to an end. And yet, there was a lot learned today wasn’t there? We found out that while the steps one has to take before putting up their outdoor holiday lighting may be on the tedious side, these things are integral to the process in order to ensure safety as well as efficiency. And hey, for those who really don’t want to do it – remember those professionals from earlier? They do this kind of thing all the time! 

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