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Christmas Lights On Outdoor Trees

Ah yes, the fall. It sure has gained a lot of popularity in recent memory, hasn’t it? Maybe it’s because of the rise of the internet, but we hadn’t met anyone who said their favorite season was fall before social media came around. Had you, dear citizens of the great town of Stouffville?

Not that it’s a bad thing people have their favourite season as fall. There are a lot of reasons to love this most magic of seasons. For starters, the temperature is at the perfect crossroads of warm and cold. The days (at least this early in the season) tend to be warm, but the nights get rather cool. For the people out there who like to sleep cold, this is a godsend after spending their whole summer sweating in bed.

What else is there during fall… How about those leaves changing? We all love to see those colors on the trees, we love to see them on the ground, we pretty much love to see them everywhere (unless, of course, we’re the ones who have to rake up those aforementioned leaves). There sure is a lot to love about fall, which is why it’s a lot of people’s favourite season.

However, even with the rise of the internet, we have yet to meet a person whose favourite season comes after fall. It’s not like we’ve looked all that hard, dear denizens of Stouffville, because meeting the person who loves winter the most out of all the seasons would raise too many questions. What do they like most about the season? The death? The grey? The fact that no one can reliably drive, leave their house or pretty much do anything save stay inside?

The only acceptable answer we would take, fellow people of the town of Stouffville, would be that these crazy people love winter for it’s beginning. Because there’s no better time in winter (perhaps there’s not even a better time during the year) than the holiday season, which we all know comes right at the beginning of the most dreaded season (perhaps to overload us with joy so that the rest of the winter comes a little easier).

Yes, the holiday season, in a word, rules. There’s so much happiness going around – everyone is out decorating with these beautiful holiday displays, everyone is going around buying presents for people they love, everyone, in general, is just filled to the brim with holiday cheer. One of the greatest ways to spread that aforementioned holiday cheer, at least in our opinion, is to use holiday outdoor lighting.

These twinkling beacons of holiday joy are sometimes called Christmas lights, but for the sake of inclusion we are going to call them outdoor holiday lighting. These are some of the greatest ways to display one’s holiday glee and it’s also one of the best ways to share that same glee with the community. Imagine it, people of Stouffville – walking by a neighbour’s house, their entire front yard twinkling with all sorts of lights. Wouldn’t that just be so incredibly joyous?

Speaking of front yards, one of the hardest things to do every year when putting out outdoor holiday lighting displays is putting them on some of the bigger trees. Doing this can not only be time consuming as well as tedious, but it can be dangerous as well. This is why we are going to teach people everywhere today how to put outdoor holiday lighting onto trees in their yards. Always remember though – for those who don’t want to risk themselves or their families putting up outdoor holiday lighting, let the professionals do it!

Why Decorate Our Trees?

There are people out there who might be wondering why they have to decorate their trees. Wouldn’t doing their house be enough? The truth is that no one has to decorate their tree at all. It’s a free country, we live in the free town of Stouffville, if we don’t want to decorate the trees in the yard we don’t have too.

However, we would like to pose a counter question: why wouldn’t one want to decorate their tree? Why wouldn’t they want to have the most beautiful outdoor holiday lighting display possible? For those who don’t have an answer to those questions, then decorating their trees would be for them! Now, onto the best techniques to use in order to decorate one’s trees with outdoor holiday lights.

How To Decorate Trees With Outdoor Holiday Lights

Wrap Lights Around The Branches. This is probably the most popular way of putting outdoor holiday lights on trees. One should always try to wrap the lights as tightly as possible, and one should always try to put the lights in a pattern as well (in order to get the best looking outdoor lighting display possible.

Using A Ring Connector. Those who don’t know what a ring connector is, it’s a tool that attaches to the middle of a tree or the top of a tree which of which the lights run out. This makes putting up the lights a lot easier and with a lot less stress.

Using net lights. One just needs to figure out how big their tree is, and then drape the lights over the branches. The net just has to be attached to the top of the tree and presto! One should be ready to go after that.

Wrapping The Lights Around the Outside. This would be similar to how one already puts their lights on their indoor Christmas tree. It’s pretty much just draping their lights along the outside of the tree, either moving up or down that aforementioned tree. This is a fairly well-known system, although it is also probably the weakest. Keep in mind the indoor tree isn’t going to be subject to the same environmental hazards as the outdoor tree, so one may have to find a way to keep those outdoor holiday lights on the outdoor tree.

And so, our article has come to an end. Remember folks, those who don’t want to do this winter chore themselves can always hire the professionals!

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