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The Guide To Summer Landscaping

Yes, summer is finally here. Gone are the days that we, the great people of Stouffville, have to worry about late snowfalls or dreadfully muddy days. Gone are the days where we have to wait for grass to grow, or trees to bloom, or flowers to show their pretty petals. Gone are the days where we have to worry about spring chores – cleanup, planting, putting in grass, etc. Yes, from now on, we the people of the city of Stouffville have everything to look forward too. Sunny days, barbecues, evenings out on the back deck. Swimming, cottage weekends, fireworks, all these summer activities to look forward too and no work whatsoever… Or is that totally honest? Yes, unfortunately there is a lot a landscaper, homeowner or gardener has to do in the summer in order to keep the beauty of their property intact. Fortunately, most if not all of it is going to be covered in this article. Luckily this will be the one stop shop for any landscaper, homeowner or gardener looking to improve or at least maintain their property this summer season. So, without further ado, here is the guide to summer landscaping. 

Watering Plants

Seemingly, this may be a no-brainer for the average landscaper, homeowner or gardener. Everyone, even most toddlers know that one has to water their plants in order to keep them alive. In fact, most homeowners, landscapers and gardeners have been watering their plants since they planted them in late spring in hopes that they would grow strong by summer. However, one needs to understand that watering isn’t as simple as one may believe. This is true – there is actually a wrong way to water plants! Also, different plants require different amounts of water. Watering plants, in fact, isn’t as deceptively simple as one may believe – it may actually be kind of challenging!

Worry not, landscapers, homeowners and gardeners, for we have the solution. We are going to teach the proper ways of watering, or at least tips the average person can use for their backyard and/or property. 

Here are some great tips for watering plants (plants, that of course include the grass)

  • One should always water deeply. Even if that means one does not water as much, they should always make sure they are watering to the roots of the plant. Watering deeply means that the roots of the plant will grow long and make the plant sturdier in the long run.
  • When should one water? An excellent question, and one that is answered thusly: watering should be done in the early morning or the late evening. Why? Watering this way means that the water won’t evaporate quickly, and will help plants grow all the more.
  • As for watering grass, an inch of water should be applied to the grass at least once a week. Not too much however, one never wants to over water their plants.

How many times should plants be watered? How often during the day/week? How much water should be used in each session? Unfortunately (save for grass) this is a question that we can’t answer. It’s really going to depend on the types of plants the average homeowner, gardener or landscaper decides to use on their property. All this information, luckily, can be googled fairly easily. Make sure to take note of the plants in the garden and make sure to get the proper watering techniques for them.

Mowing The Lawn

Ah yes, a chore that has divided many homeowners, gardeners and landscapers. Some people hate doing this chore. However, a lot more consider it to be the best one summer can offer. The job is shown as done in real time, the smell of cut grass is intoxicating and there really is nothing better looking than a freshly cut lawn, is there? However, as much as this chore is lauded, there is a proper and improper way to do it.

Once again, we will be the harbingers of the right way to do this chore. And once again, we will give bullet point answers to some of the questions one may have about the proper way to mow a lawn.

Here are some tips for mowing the lawn:

  • Try not to cut the grass often. A longer lawn is a healthier lawn, and while a freshly cut lawn can be a thing of beauty, frequent cuts can mean a weaker lawn.
  • Only cut a third of the blade’s height. This is so we can maintain the integrity of the grass, and to make sure that it grows strong. Also, the roots of the grass will maintain their strength using this method.
  • Always change the mowing pattern. One wants to avoid “ruts” when mowing, which changing the mowing pattern will ensure. 

And so, this article about the guide to summer landscaping has come to an end. What did we learn during this article? Well, we learned all about the different techniques and rules to watering ones plants. Water deep even if it means not often, water during the times of the day with the least sun (to prevent quick evaporation) and water the grass with at least an inch of water. Also, know which plants need different watering techniques if need be. 

We also learned about mowing the lawn, and how important it can be to do it right. If the average landscaper, homeowner or gardener isn’t following these mowing techniques, their lawn can turn out worse as a result. They need to make sure they are not cutting the grass often, that they are changing up the pattern in which they mow, and they need to make sure they are only cutting the grass within a third of the blade’s height. Doing all this will make sure that every homeowner, gardener or landscaper has a great lawn this summer.

Keep in mind, these are the bare bones tasks one has to do during the summer. However, if they are done correctly, everyone can be sure that their summer will be filled with a lot of great times… as well as an excellent looking property!

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