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The best plants to plant during the spring

Yes, it seems we here in Stouffville, Ontario are in the midst of a full fledged spring. We have seen a much awaited return to the greens and blues of before, life has once again returned to our city. The grass has begun to regrow, the trees have once again regrown their leaves and best of all, we see that once again people are walking the streets, comfortable with the nice weather.

The best trio to see out and about again are of course the landscapers, the gardeners and the homeowners. It’s always great to see these three back at work, back to making their yards beautiful again. Yes, there is a spring cleanup that needs to be done, but after that it’s all about beautifying their gardens and in effect beautifying the great community that is Stouffville.

But herein lies the question, fellow denizens of Stouffville, fellow landscapers, homeowners or gardeners – what should one plant during the spring season? Is there anything in specific, or can one just plant anything they want? Well, the answer to both questions is yes. Yes one can plant whatever they want, but also yes there are certain plants that work best when planted in the spring.

Today, we are going to go over a couple of those plants and perhaps there are some gardeners, homeowners or landscapers out there that would like to add them to their gardens!


When one thinks of spring, they tend to think of beautiful blooms, lots of colors that pop, and landscapes that will be engrained in memory for a long time. These traits are all ones that are shared by the weigla – these flowers are the perfect ones to plant in the spring. They rebloom in the summer and fall as well, so they are perfect as a plant that just keeps on giving. They’re pink, which will add a much needed splash of colour to any garden, and as for which climate they can grow in, well, that’s the best part. They grow when they are exposed to a lot of sun, but they can also grow when they’re in a little bit of shade too. For the gardener, landscaper or homeowner that needs a plant that can grow anywhere, the weigla is the perfect addition to their garden!


This is a flower that most people have heard of, and for good reason. They are beautiful, and when we say beautiful we mean beautiful. They tend to appear in the early stages of spring, which is perfect for anyone who wants their garden to stand out early in the season. They also come in many colors – adding some great variety to the garden of any homeowner, gardener or landscaper who decides to plant them. Specifically, these special flowers tend to bloom in colors like white, yellow, purple and pink. Now, here’s the best part about primroses- they are perennials. They are fairly easy plants, ones that don’t require a lot of care to keep up. In fact, these plants even tend to bloom when there is snow on the ground, which means they’re going to bloom super early! These plants may even come in a type that can survive the harsh Stouffville winters. So yes, these flowers are great for all the gardeners, homeowners and landscapers in the Stouffville region.

Pansies and Violas.

Don’t let the name of the pansies be an indicator of their toughness – these flowers are pretty darn sturdy. Some claim that they can last through some of the colder times, so planting them in early spring won’t be that much of a detriment to them. Not only that, but pansies and violas tend to be beautiful in colour as well, coming in with some very bright shades.

The only downside to this flower is that their colors tend to fade when the summer heat comes around. So, homeowners, gardeners and landscapers are going to have to try to enjoy them as much as they can during the spring time.

Sweet Alyssum

Yet another hardy plant is the sweet alyssum. These flowers are going to bloom in spring and keep on kicking until the winter, which means they’ll be around for as long as anyone wants them to be. Yes, their muted white colour isn’t as brilliant as some of the other flowers on this list, but keep in mind it’s nice to have some muted colours to contrast the brighter ones. It gives a persons garden some levels, and will show off how much a person knows about colouring. Planting the sweet alyssum will show wether a gardener, homeowner or landscaper is a master or a novice.

And so, this article about some of the best plants to put into one’s garden during the spring has come to an end. Keep in mind we only scratched the surface of what one can do to their garden during the spring, so some additional research may be required if one wants to have something different than what they saw on this list. But, not only is this list a great starting point, but it’s also not a bad variety for one’s garden either.

So what did we learn about today? We first went over the weigla, the gorgeous pink plant that makes anyones garden pop in the early stages of spring. We learned that the weigla is great for most if not all climates, and can grow pretty well anywhere they are planted. Next we learned about primroses – a well known plant that is well known for a reason. These plants are not only beautiful, but in a way they are a symbol that spring has arrived, that new life is forming all around us. Next we moved on to a couple very hardy plants, the pansies and the violas. Once again we are faced with a plant that is not only beautiful, but one that can face some pretty harsh conditions. These, as we mentioned, are great for planting if one lives in a climate that changes often (like say, the one we have in Stouffville). Finally, we learned about the sweet alyssum, the hardiest plant on this list. This beautiful collection of white blooming flowers is going to last a homeowner, gardener or landscaper all three of the Canadian seasons – making it a staple of anyones garden until the winter season comes.

At the end of the day we need to remember this – while spring is in full effect right now, it’s going to come to an end sooner than we think. It’s important that we get started on our spring planting as soon as possible. Because before we know it our window of opportunity will be up and the spring planting season will be over. So don’t delay, get spring planting done today!

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