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Reasons To Hire A Landscaping Company For Spring Cleanup

Look out at the world before you, citizens of the great city of Stouffville. If one takes a moment to look outside, they’ll no doubt notice a lack of something. Something that has been ever present for the last couple of months. Something cold, something wet, something everyone dreads but everyone in this city also has to deal with. Yes, it seems the majority of the snow has disappeared and frankly… most people in the city of Stouffville could not possibly be happier.

But there is no more time to dwell on the past, fellow Stouffville dwellers. For now that the snow is gone, the cold chills of winter seem to be subsiding, and we look forward to the dawning of a new season, there is work to be done. As we cast aside the memories of a long, harsh Stouffville winter, we must prepare ourselves and our yards for another Stouffville spring.

Yes, dear citizens of Stouffville, it is almost time for yet another spring cleanup. While the spring is often lauded after, waited for and even occasionally prayed for, the spring cleanup is something that most, if not all, people hate to do. It’s one last reminder of the winter we all just put behind us, one more gigantic pain in the butt for gardeners, homeowners and landscapers.

But… does it have to be? Must we put ourselves through the trials and trepidations of cleaning up after that coldest of seasons? Or is there another way? Well, dear readers and denizens of that place we call Stouffville, we are happy to report that there is, in fact, another way.

Landscapers around this time offer their services to help, or most likely completely finish, a customers spring cleanup. Yes, they will haul their crew and their tools out to any homeowner or gardener’s yard in order to do that most dreaded of all pre-spring tasks. While the average homeowner or gardener sits in their house, relaxing and enjoying the new weather, someone else is out cleaning up down sticks and preparing the lawn for the spring to come.

Yes, it can cost some money. Hiring a landscaper or a landscaping company in order to do one’s spring cleanup is more expensive than one just doing it themselves. However, the pros of having a landscaper or landscaping company do ones spring cleanup far outweigh the cons, and especially the price. Here are a few reasons as to why one should hire a landscaper for their spring cleanup this year:

1- Saving Time.

The winter is a time where everyone has to stay inside. It tends to be fairly dreary, grey and in a word, boring. Sure, those of us who ski and icefish have a decent time, but the rest of us are confined to our collective homes, trying to make the best of a bad situation.

The spring, however, is when life returns. Not just in the literal sense of life regrowing either, but in the sense that one can finally enjoy oneself outside again. Spring is when we as a community can finally let loose after spending months and months cooped up in our homes, when we can finally breathe fresh air. It’s supposed to be a time of celebration, a time when we can finally take advantage of our… well, time.

If gardeners and homeowners are too busy slaving away at a spring cleanup, how are they going to take time to enjoy the first moments of this most glorious of seasons? How are they going to get those first precious fun moments with their friends and family if they’re too busy setting up their flower beds? Sure, there may be some time NEXT weekend, or the weekend after that, but then the next thing one knows it’s already summer and the spring has passed them by. No, the best thing one can do is hire a landscaper or perhaps even a landscaping company, so that they can skip the chore altogether.

2- Speed and Security

On the subject of time, how long would the average person take to finish up a spring cleanup? We’d bet that it would certainly take a professional landscaper or landscaping company a lot less time than the average homeowner or gardener to complete the spring cleanup. That way, those very same homeowners and gardeners can enjoy their newly ready backyard much quicker than if they were to do it themselves.

Let’s also talk about security- because doing a spring cleanup can be an arduous task. Not only could one injure oneself when they are doing a spring cleanup, but they could also do it wrong. One wrong turn or misplaced shovel during a spring cleanup could mean a lot of headaches for the rest of the nice seasons – summer and fall. Landscapers and landscaping companies, however, are pros. Not only do they have trained bodies for this kind of work (minimizing the risk of injury on the job) but they have done it so many times they know exactly what to get rid of, exactly what to dig, exactly what to do. The chance of a garden being messed up by a professional landscaper are slim to none, meaning that the average homeowner or gardener will have nothing to worry about going into the rest of spring and summer.

And so, this article about the reasons why one should hire a landscaper or landscaping company for their spring cleanup has come to an end. However, there was a lot learned not only about landscapers and landscaping companies, but about the reasons to hire them today. For starters, we learned about all the time one could save should they decide to hire one of these great companies. That means one can spend a lot more time with their families during the opening weeks of this most beautiful of seasons. We also learned about the safety and security one experiences when they hire a landscaper or landscaping company to do their spring cleanup. Landscaping companies and landscapers tend not to get injured (unlike the average homeowner or gardener) and they tend to do a perfect job during a spring cleanup (unlike the average homeowner or gardener).

Above all, let us remember this: we here in Stouffville just went through yet another brutal winter. It was one filled with staying inside, and working when we were outside. Do we really want to keep up that cycle? Or should we pawn this terrible chore off on someone else?

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