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All About Lawn Mowing II: What Kind Of Mower?

And so, it’s official people of Stouffville: winter has come to an end. No longer must we worry about the snow covering walkways and driveways, no longer must we worry about throwing on mittens, hats, jackets and boots before we venture into the harsh Stouffville winters. We can finally cast aside our snow tires, cast aside the shovels and most importantly, cast aside any more fears of seeing anything but green cascading along our yards for the foreseeable future.

About that green- while it may be beautiful and while it may promote feelings of joy and renewal when we see it, it also comes with a feeling of impending… let’s say dread. Yes, the task associated with the green grass may not be as dreadful as tasks associated with the bitter snow, but it is certainly not all that easy to maintain. There’s weeding to be done, there’s seeds to be planted and of course, for at least until the leaves fall and the snow returns, that green grass will need to be mowed.

This is the second time we have covered lawn mowing on this website, part two in our series about the chore. It may seem like a chore that is fairly easy, almost brain dead, and in a lot of ways it is. However, there are choices to be made associated with the chore, important choices that every gardener, homeowner or landscaper must make that will determine wether the chore is done properly, or perhaps more importantly, wether the job can be done easily. 

Today we’re going to help you make one of those choices- specifically the choice of which lawn mower to choose (should you not already have one). A lot of factors are going to go into choosing the right lawn mower for one’s lawn, and there are a lot of things to consider before making a purchase. And, considering the fact that lawn mowers tend not to be cheap, it is a choice that should be thought about carefully.

A couple questions to ask before one buys a lawn mower:

  • How big is the space one is trying to mow?
  • How rough is the terrain on the space that one is trying to mow?
  • Are there any hills or places that will take some effort to climb?
  • Are there are curves or obstacles on the property?
  • How many trees, garden beds, shrubs, etc does one have to mow around? 

Once these questions have been answered, a more educated deduction can be made about the type of lawn mower one should get for their property.

Manual Reel Lawn Mower

We’ve all seen these types of lawn mowers, perhaps we’ve even used them in our lives. They’re the lawn mowers that take no gas, aren’t self propelled and are literally just a couple blades that spin when the mower is pushed forward. It’s quiet, requires no gas, is fairly safe and is generally a no brainer. This model is great for anyone with a small property who doesn’t have any obstacles to get by, and who frequently mows their lawn. 

Gas Powered Lawn Mower

These lawn mowers are great for big lawns, as they can go for a long time and are powerful enough to cut through tall grass easily. Some maintenance will be required, however these are great lawn mowers and are the ones we sometimes think of when we think the word “lawn mower”.

Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower

The Cadillac of lawn mowers. All the power of a gas lawn mower, but without having to push it around. These are good for practically all terrains- obstacles, trees, big properties, small properties, hills- the self propelled gas lawn mower is going to get the job done and well. Just press down on a button and guide the lawn mower the right way, then the job should be done with ease. Anyone who wants an easy time mowing their lawn should seriously consider this type of lawn mower. 

Electric Lawn Mower

If one’s yard is big enough to fit an extension cord from front to back, then this may be the lawn mower for them. They may be for small yards yes, but these mowers are fairly easy to maintain, require no gas and are generally fairly quiet. 

Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

Same idea as the electric lawn mower, but this time without the cord! For those of us who are more environmentally sensitive (or don’t want to spend the money on gas, or have a smaller yard, or don’t like the noise, etc) then this is totally the lawn mower for them! All they have to do is charge the typically lithium batteries for a couple of hours (leave it on overnight before the next mow) and these lawn mowers should be able to take care of the average lawn no problem. 

And so, our second article about lawn mowing has come to an end. We did learn a whole lot about the chore today, didn’t we? We learned all about the two different types of gas powered lawn mowers, how they probably have the most power in the lawn mower family, but are an investment both at the beginning and every time one has to go to the pump to fill them up again. We learned that the self propelled gas powered mower is the best for pretty much any property, if one is willing to spend the money. But those weren’t the only lawn mowers we learned about today, not even close. We learned about the different types of electric mowers too, how one would need a cord and the other runs off batteries. Finally, we learned about the manual push power, the one that requires no gas, no electricity, but the most effort.

Once one has found the right mower for their yard, the rest should be easy. Just push, watch out for obstacles, and enjoy the time in the sun. 

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