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Questions to Ask a Landscaping Company Before Hiring Them

Ladies and gentlemen, we have an announcement to make. This announcement may excite, so please try to remain calm. It’s an announcement that may turn the whole world upside down. An announcement that may shock and amaze. An announcement… Of which those who have looked outside may already be aware.

Spring is here, and it is in full effect. Go ahead, cast a gaze upon the world outside – it’s brimming with life, isn’t it? The trees have regained their leaves, casting a beautiful green glow over the world. Now look down, what’s there? Yes, it’s grass once again. What was once a never ending sea of white has become an ocean of green. And what’s that near the grass? Flowers, bushes, plants – all life has returned once more to the world of Stouffville and we could not be happier. 

Who is to thank for such majesty? Well, mother nature did her part, that’s for sure. But the curating, the designing, the growing to it’s full potential of these plants was thanks to all the gardeners, homeowners and landscapers in the community. Yes, the homeowners and gardeners did their part for sure, but the landscapers have literally made it their job to make sure the nature in their community thrives. Landscapers are a huge part of the process that brings us the spring we know and love. 

For those out there who like the idea of having a nice lawn, but don’t really want to put in all that time and effort that goes into creating or maintaining one, then a landscaping company should be for them. These great companies come together with homeowners and gardeners to create something beautiful, something straight out of the hearts and minds of the aforementioned two groups.

But will any old landscaping company do? Well, just like with anything else, there are great landscaping companies and there are ones who… Well, let’s leave it at there are ones who are not so great. So how can one tell them apart? How does one make sure they aren’t getting swindled by some landscaping shysters? The answer is a lot more simple than one may think, there are a certain set of questions one can ask a landscaping company, or more specifically that landscaping company’s owner, in order to determine wether the job they’re going to do is going to be great or… Well, not so great.

What are these questions? Well, today we’re going to lay them all out on the line. This way, any homeowner or gardener who wants to hire a landscaping company will be able to figure out exactly what kind of landscaping company they’re hiring. Without further ado, here are some questions to ask a landscaping company before hiring them. 

What is their experience or qualifications?

This is probably the most important question one can ask a landscaping company. And it’s not just about how long they have been doing it either (we will go into that a bit more later), but what kind of jobs have they done. Have they done anything similar to the job that is required of them? What plans have they made in order to get this job done not just properly, but well? Experience and qualifications can answer those questions pretty easily. Plus, a lot of the best landscapers have devoted most of their life to this job, so the best will have a lot of experience, and some great qualifications. If one isn’t sure, than it never hurts to ask for some references or perhaps check out the landscaping company’s social media! 

How long have they been in business?

While this may not reflect all that much on the landscaping company itself, it will reflect on the landscaper. However, it never hurts to give a young landscaper their first job, as long as the job isn’t too complicated and the price reflects the amount of time they have spent in the business. However, a lot of landscapers will spend a lot of time under another landscaper, working as a labourer. It wouldn’t hurt to ask how long they spent as a labourer either.

How long do they estimate the whole project will take?

A good question to ask just so that an idea can be had of when everything will be done. Landscapers know how much time a project will take usually, however keep in mind unforeseen circumstances can lead to a job taking longer than originally quoted. Patience is the key – as long as the price doesn’t go up, what’s the difference? The final product will look just as good if the job is done in two weeks or two weeks and a day.

What equipment will they be using?

This is a great question to ask because it gives an idea of how the job will be done. Also, the last thing anyone wants is to be woken up by a stone saw or a leaf blower in the early hours of the morning. If any loud power tools are going to be used, make sure they are used by midday. 

Is there any way to make the price lower?

This question is at the bottom of the list because most of the time, the answer will be no. Landscapers don’t tend to boost their prices all that much, however it wouldn’t hurt to do some research. Check out the prices of the things that need to be bought, price out a quote then ask the landscaper if that will do. Always make sure to lay out the reasoning for the price asked, a landscaper isn’t going to give a lower price just because it’s wanted or asked for. 

Today we learned a lot about the types of questions one should ask before they hire a landscaping company. While some may be apprehensive to ask these questions, as some may think they’re prying too much or being annoying by asking these questions to a landscaping company, keep in mind that these questions may determine not just the outcome, but the quality of job done on one’s property. So, one should ask oneself this question: do they care if the job they paying for is done, or done well? It will have to be up to them. 

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