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Problems with your lawn? Let’s get to the root of the issue

Growing a vibrant, lush lawn may be easier than you think. There are quite a few landscaping fixes that can help any home owner take pride in their thick and healthy grass. Costs involve time and investment in some top of the line products and you should see the returns in just four weeks.

Follow these tips to get your grass growing the way you want it:

Patch and Repair

Bare spots in your grass can show up for many reasons. The best time to patch up these spots is when the weather is cool, not overly hot and when the grass is dormant. Fall and Spring time in the GTA are ideal for improving grass heath.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. You’ll first want to prep the areas and remove dead grass and debris from the damaged area and rake the soil lightly.
  2. You may apply the repair mixture purchased from any agriculture retailer and spread it wherever you want to grow your grass. The combination product includes super-absorbent wood mulch, premium grass seed and fertilizer to nourish seed and start it out right.
  3. Water the area. Keep the area hydrated daily and free from stress with limited walking on the lawn. Keep watering until the seeds sprout and grass grows. Look for a lighter colour in the lawn as a signal to water again.

Thicken and Restore

As lawns age, they naturally get thin unless a helping hand steps in. Lawn professionals depend on overseeding to keep lawns thick and lush. This means sowing grass seed into your existing lawn, so new seedlings fill in and restore your lawn to its thicker, lusher glory. Early fall and spring are great times for overseeding Ontario lawns.

Have a Sunready Professional recommend you the best type of seed for your needs. Some seeds require less water year over year in comparison to others. Restore and thicken your lawn by following these steps:

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Prep your lawn for seeds. Mow the existing grass as short as possible and rake or loosen the topsoil and prepare it for the seeds.
  2. Spread the seed with a regular lawn spreader. When doing this, follow the bag instructions or recommended dispersion method provided by your landscaper.
  3. Water the area well.

Boost and Beautify

A simple approach to improving your already nice lawn would be to start earlier in the cool spring season and focus on a pure-bred, lime enhanced Smart Grass seed, premium fertilizer and soil enhancer in one pre-mixed ready to use product.

Boost and beautify your lawn with this mixture in these simple steps:

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Prepare your lawn for boosting. Remove unwanted leaves, weeds and debris and mow your lawn to 1 inch thickness. Lightly loosen the top soil and get it ready to receive the boosting mixture.
  2. Spread the combination seed mix in a spreader or as directed by your Sunready Lawn Care Professional. Follow the bag instructions for accurate product distribution.
  3. Water the area so the soil stays moist. Water once or twice daily, as needed and keep it consistent until you see results.

Addressing lawn care issues don’t have to be a challenge when you follow the correct and simple steps to achieve pride in your property. As mentioned, it required a simple investment of time, consistency and investing in the right products. Sunready is happy to answer any lawn care questions or simple take over the chore for you.

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