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Planning an outdoor renovation? Sunready Landscaping has the best tips for anyone planning a dig.

Too many homeowners don’t know what lies under their lawn.

In fact, there is a multitude of pipes, cables, sewage and much more that can be found beneath the top layer of grass, seed, and a few feet of earth and rock.

Ontario One Call

Ontario One Call Protects Ontario communities from the loss of service and harm caused by damages to underground infrastructure by educating the public on the need to Call Before You Dig.

Though Ontario One Call does not physically mark the lines, pipes, or cables, we relay all dig information to the buried infrastructure owners so they can mark (locate) based on the request you submit. Buried infrastructure owners will then deliver locates, by marking the property with paint and/or sending paperwork directly to you. Locates minimize the risk of infrastructure damage, loss of service, and injury.

Visit www.ontarioonecall.ca for more information.

4 Questions to Ask Before You Dig

1. What kind of yard work requires a locate?

Call before digging a garden, landscaping or fencing your lot, excavating for a patio or pool, upgrading your driveway, repairing your home’s foundation, building a porch or deck, or doing any construction on your property.

2. How does the location service work?

To request a locate, call 1-800-400-2255 or go to OntarioOneCall.ca at least five business days before you plan to dig. Ontario One Call will relay your locate request and information to Enbridge Gas or their designated locate service provider, as well as other participating member utilities. You will be provided with a timely, FREE locate of the underground facilities so you can complete your project safely.

3. Whose responsibility is it to locate underground lines?

Homeowners and/or their contractors who cause damage can be fined, charged for costly repairs to equipment or neighbouring property, or even sued if someone is injured. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

4. Will all the lines on my property be located through Ontario One Call?

Not necessarily. Private lines installed by the homeowner or a private contractor and not utility representatives, such as a gas line from your house to a backyard garage, natural gas bbq or a pool heater, are not covered by Ontario One Call’s scope. You must arrange for a separate private locate to be completed by a locate service provider for private lines.

If you suspect these lines may be present on your property, consult the yellow pages for “underground utilities locators” to find a locate service provider. Fees will apply.

For fast, safe, and reliable landscape services in Markham, Stouffville, and Aurora, contact Sunready Landscaping. We put emphasis on the fine details (including locates for digging).

Dig Safely. It’s the law.

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