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Prepping For Spring Cleanup

The snow is melting dear Stouffville! The sun is shining dear Stouffville! Dear Stouffville, we can actually see grass on a pretty consistent basis! Yes, it truly looks like we have spring coming around the corner.

We know, we know. The less initiated Canadians (and especially those from Stouffville) tend to fall for this ruse every year. We see grass on the fields and we immediately throw our snow pants in the garbage- only to be hit with a major snowstorm in march. Some call this time of year “fools spring” we just like to call it “a tease”. We want it to be spring so bad, because we have essentially been done with winter since the end of December.

We think that the gardeners, landscapers and homeowners of Stouffville all agree. Yes spring chores can be a bit of a pain in the rear end, but at least they are worlds better than the chores we have to face in winter. Some of the most lamented chores ever come to us courtesy of the winter – were talking about things like shovelling snow and removing ice. Chores that make us wet and cold and make us wish that we could be back in the summer, soaking up the sun and living life. 

So why not prepare for the spring chores? It would in the very least remind us, the people of Stouffville, that spring is just around the corner and that we don’t have to worry anymore. Preparing for spring chores means that our hearts are finally full of hope after facing that long, gruelling Stouffville winter. If we prepare for our spring chores it means that we have something to look forward too on the horizon – even if that thing is just a chore.

So what can we prepare for? What spring chore could we possibly have lined up? Surely with a resurgence of winter coming up in March (at least) there isn’t much we can do to ensure that once grass is on the ground and the air isn’t as cold we can do a spring chore. Well, there certainly is something we can do fellow people of Stouffville – and that’s prepare for the spring cleanup! 

Ah yes, the spring cleanup. The true mark that winter is finally over. Every year people from the great town of Stouffville head out into their yards to fix up all the damage done by the winter. It’s usually picking up sticks and making sure that the grass is ready to go, amongst other things, but there are still steps we can take to make sure once we’re ready for the spring cleanup we can just dive right into it. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today all the things one can do to prepare for the spring cleanup. And for those who don’t want to do the spring cleanup themselves, remember there are always professionals who are happy to do it. 

Why Do We Need To Prepare For Spring Cleanup?

Why does one need to prepare for a spring cleanup? Surely a spring cleanup is fairly straightforward – it’s picking up debris, getting rid of weeds, essentially it’s just a homeowner, landscaper or gardener getting a property ready for the summer months when the new chores like mowing and gardening roll around. How much prep could there possibly be for that kind of thing, and why would we have to do prep? 

Well one doesn’t have to prep for it to be honest. Like most things in life, one could always just go into it willy nilly, not worrying. The thing is however, the people that do prep for the spring cleaning are going to have a much easier time. If one gets out all the tools they need, plans out what they have to do, and then acts accordingly upon that plan, the spring cleanup is going to go a lot smoother than the people who just went into it out of nowhere. So the preparation for the spring cleanup is not totally essential, but it does mean that the spring cleanup is going to be an easier time.

What Does One Have To Do To Prepare For A Spring Cleanup?

Now we get to the meat of the article – what exactly does one have to do to prepare for a spring cleanup? Well, there are steps to this kind of thing and they go as follows:

1 – Make A Plan

Look around at the property. What needs to be done? Is there a lot of debris held over from the winter? A lot of garbage? It would help to do a walk of the property, taking inventory of all the things that need to be done. It would also help to prioritize things that need doing above other things. For example, is there a lot of sticks on one’s property after the winter? Then one’s spring cleanup should probably focus on picking up all the sticks. Are there not a lot of sticks, but a lot of weeds? Then whichever gardener, landscaper or homeowner who owns the property should probably focus on picking the weeds. Once all the inventory is taken, and the priorities are laid out, one can start making a plan. Take into account how much time one has for the spring cleanup, and plan accordingly. Have a lot of weeds and sticks, but only have time to pick up one? Make sure to prioritize the stuff that could be dangerous – i.e. the sticks. 

2 – Collect The Tools

Once the plan is made, then it should be easy to figure out which tools one would need for the job. Rakes and weed picking tools tend to be the best for spring cleanups, and disposable bags to put all this stuff in tend to be great for spring cleanups as well.

3 – Initiate The Plan Using The Tools

This is the final part! Do the plan, use the tools!

And so, this article about prepping for a spring cleanup has come to an end. Always remember – there are professionals out there who do this for a living, so don’t be afraid to contact them. 

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