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Holiday Lighting: Effects On Lights Vs Solid Tones

Stouffville, we’re certainly sad to say it, but summer is almost over. Soon we are going to be subject to the autumn, then of course, the winter.

Luckily, we have a lot of good memories to think back on. It was a heck of a season, and we could not be happier with how it turned out. Denizens of Stouffville, he hope that everyone out there also had a great summer, and we hope that we can look forward to the future with some sort of merriness.

Merriness… An interesting choice of words indeed. The future holds fall for us, dear Stouffville, which of course is going to make some of us merry. There are some of us out there who love to walk through the wooded areas of our great town, seeing all the colours that come with the beautiful autumn season. Colours… Merry… Why are we thinking of some other season.

We certainly couldn’t be thinking of winter, could we? If anything, winter is devoid of colour – it’s a time when the greys and whites come out to play, where the greens and blues of summer are but a promise for our future selves, a distant memory of times gone. 

Wait… Isn’t there… Yes, of course! It’s in the title! Yes, the holiday season isn’t just a time full of colour, but a time full of merriness as well! If it weren’t for the holiday season, we could just write winter off as a time that’s generally pretty lame, but gosh darn it we really do love the holiday season. It’s a time where people get together, enjoy each other’s company and try to bask in the glow of merriment. 

Those colours we were speaking of earlier, they come from outdoor holiday lighting. Some may know them as “Christmas Lights” but for the sake of inclusion we are going to call them outdoor holiday lighting. This is actually part two of our big series of articles about outdoor holiday lighting (the first part being about wether to go with one uniform colour or multiple colours on one’s outdoor holiday lighting display) so for those out there who have yet to read it, go back so one can make an informed decision about what kinds of colours one should choose for their outdoor holiday lighting display!

For the rest of us who have read that first article, let us move forth to the world of effects on lighting vs solid colours. There are many choices out there, so let’s go ahead and move forward! Oh, and for those gardeners, homeowners or landscapers out there who don’t want to put up their own outdoor holiday lighting, then they can leave it up to the professionals! Trust us, it may cost a little more, but it’s a lot more beneficial in the long run.

What Kind Of Effects Can One Get For Their Outdoor Holiday Lighting?

To start, we’re going to run down what kinds of effects one can get for their outdoor holiday lighting. That way, should one choose to go with the effects portion of this article, they can then choose which effects suit them the most!


Like the stars themselves, one can get some outdoor holiday lighting that twinkles. It’s one of the most popular outdoor holiday lighting effects, and for good reason! Twinkling outdoor holiday lighting just makes one feel like it’s the holiday season, and it’s soothing as well. 


This is for lack of a better word – we’re talking about the outdoor holiday lighting that runs down a line, kind of like water dripping from an icicle. It’s great thematically – we’re reminded of icicles, we’re reminded of snow melting, so it may be good. However, some may think this kind of effect is too tacky.

The Pros And Cons Of Having Solid Outdoor Holiday Lighting

The pro of having solid outdoor holiday lighting is that it tends to look neat and tidy. It also tends to look a little bit on the boring side, which is what we would say is a con. It’s a bit of a balancing act – yes there may be a lot of different colours, but it may look similar to the other outdoor holiday lighting displays on the block. 

The Pros and Cons of Having Effects On One’s Outdoor Holiday Lighting

When it comes to the cons of having effects on one’s outdoor holiday lighting is they tend to look a bit busy – especially if they’re moving around all the time. On the flip side, having lights that move around can be very exciting! Movement in general can really spice up one’s outdoor holiday lighting display, one may even compare such a thing to a fireworks show! Having effects in one’s lighting is going to stop people on the street, the other people in one’s community (say, a community like Stouffvile) are going to be jealous of the way an outdoor holiday lighting display with effects captures one’s eye!

Our Advice: A Little Bit Of Both

We know, we know, it’s kind of a cop out answer. But, much like we said in our last article about outdoor holiday lighting displays, variety is the spice of life! Solid colours can be great, so can outdoor holiday lighting that has effects, but a combination of the two is going to create an outdoor holiday lighting display that the whole neighbourhood will remember! 

And so, this article about wether or not one should go with outdoor holiday lighting that is just a solid colour, or outdoor holiday lighting with effects has come to an end. But, we learned a lot today didn’t we? We learned about the different effects one can get in their outdoor holiday lighting, and we also learned about the pros as well as the cons of having solid outdoor holiday lighting vs ones that have effects. At the end of the day, it’s up to the homeowner, landscaper or gardener who owns the property. Also remember this – if one wants an outdoor holiday lighting display that’s going to leave an impact, why not hire a professional?

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