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Holiday Lighting and Ladders

Fall! We have reached it once again, fellow citizens of the great city of Stouffville and we here at Sunready couldn’t be happier. Yes, our landscaping season has unfortunately come to an end, but fall opens up so many new prospects for not only us, but for our fellow people of Stouffville as well. 

We get a whole slew of new jobs we can work – we can rake leaves, a job that while it may seem tedious to the naked eye, is one that is always fulfilling for our staff. We can do fall cleanups, happily getting our clients yards ready for the winter to come. 

As for all of us, including our fellow denizens of Stouffville, it’s not just new work the fall provides. Fall walks through the forest are some of the best things to do in this season, the beautiful trees are something we can never get enough of. In fact, we get sad every time we have to clean those leaves up, because we know that we’re soon going to be losing our amazing display of gorgeous colors. 

There are pumpkin patches, the activity that can literally only be done once a year. Of course, those pumpkins that are chosen lead into Halloween – the spookiest time of the year! 

However, after that, things turn into a bit of a lull. All we can do is wait for winter, wait for all the leaves to fall and all the grass to be covered in a snow white blanket. Unfortunately then, our season will be totally done and there won’t be much we can do about it…

Oh wait! There’s one more pit stop we have to make before we head into full on post season mode. It’s of course the holiday season! Yes the time of year that’s the most full of joy. Where everyone in the world (we don’t mean to brag but especially here in Stouffville) is so full of joy and wonder and happiness. 

And do we ever wonder why there’s so much happiness going around during the holiday season? What could it be that contributes to the excess amount of joy that seems to exude from everyone during this most wonderful time of the year? There are probably a lot of reasons why, but we like to think it has to do with the Christmas lights.

Christmas lights (or, for the sake of inclusion, outdoor holiday lighting) are the best things about the holiday season specifically because they spread so much joy. Think about it this way – anyone who walks through a wooded pathway during the fall is going to experience some joy right, because of all the colors? Well imagine if that wooded pathway was all over the neighborhood! Imagine the amount of joy that could spread. 

This is why we think outdoor holiday lighting is so important. It can be the way for a community to spread joy amongst themselves, a way to spread happiness to everyone in their vicinity. 

One way to put up holiday lighting is with a ladder. This is a tried and true method that has been used throughout the years, passed down from generation to generation. However, most people are unaware of the fact that ladders can be pretty dangerous. Especially around the holiday season, when things can get rather slippery. Today, we’re talking about how to safely put up outdoor holiday lighting while using a ladder. And always remember – for those who don’t want to put their own safety on the line, there are always professionals who can do it!

How can the use of ladders be dangerous?

Some may be asking the above question and it’s a very valid one. For years, people have been using ladders to put up outdoor holiday lighting, and one may not have seen someone get hurt climbing a ladder putting up outdoor holiday lighting before. However, rest assured that ladders in general can be very dangerous, especially during the winter time when people mostly put up their outdoor holiday lighting. 

Think about it this way – when the winter time comes, things tend to get very slippery. If a ladder is leaning up against something very tall, say a tree or a roof, and it isn’t secured properly that ladder could fall. A fall from a ladder is no laughing matter, and in some cases could even be fatal. 

Why Use A Ladder To Put Up Outdoor Holiday Lighting?

If they are so dangerous, why would someone even bother using a ladder to put up outdoor holiday lighting? Why wouldn’t they get something safer, or avoid the high up places altogether?

Well, those last two are always an option. What some outdoor holiday lighting companies do is rent a boom lift for the season in order to safely put up lights. However, this can be expensive, especially for landscapers, homeowners and gardeners who just want to put up their own outdoor holiday lighting. And as for just avoiding the high spaces in general, that’s not a bad idea but then the outdoor holiday lighting display ends up looking… incomplete. 

No, as it turns out the ladder is somewhat of a necessity while putting up one’s outdoor holiday lighting display. So, how can we make using a ladder during this holiday season activity safer?

How to Make using a ladder safer. 

1. Make sure the ladder is secure.

Before even going up the ladder, make sure that it’s on the ground in a secure place. Avoid patches on the ground that may be slippery or insecure. For those who may even be a little skittish, have someone hold the ladder in place. That way, if one was about to take a tumble, they can be saved by the person on the ground.

2. Try Not To Be Unsafe While On The Ladder

What exactly does that mean? Essentially, that means once up the ladder try to keep it as straight as possible. Try not to make too sudden of movements, try not to lean anywhere in one direction. Just put up the Christmas lights safely, then return to the ground.

And that pretty much covers it. And remember – for all those who don’t want to do this unsafe job, let the professionals handle it! 

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