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Commercial Snow Removal: Is It Worth It?

The snow has been on the ground for some time now, dear Stouffville. However long gone are the days of pretty Christmas lights. We are on the verge on February now. The bright side is, we have about 2-3 months left of winter (probably… hopefully). The bad news is we still have to go through 2-3 months of winter with nothing to look forward too except… well, that. 

How long has it been since we were able to step outside our house, unfettered by the air that slashes at our face and nose? An air that seems, like us, to not even want us to be outside. It wants to keep us from going outdoors Stouffville, from being forced to face this frozen wasteland. From our eyes being drawn to nothing but grey, nothing but white, nothing but blackness. Nights are long and days are fleeting, yet even that seems somewhat hopeful. The less winter days there are, the better.

Yet, life must go on. Stouffville winter has been an inevitability for this city since… well, since the beginning we would presume. We, and we wager most who are reading this article as we speak, can’t remember a time when Stouffville had no winter. A time when there was no need for winter hats, jackets, gloves, boots, etc. where there was no need to crank the heaters so hot. Where there was no need for snow removal.

And there has certainly been a need for snow removal this year, especially in Stouffville. Fresh in our minds are the Ontario Storm that happened a mere week ago, not to mention all that happened before (and we’re only in January!). Who could forget driving to relatives houses during one of the biggest white ours we’ve seen in years – a white knuckle drive that had us all sweating through our jackets. And that was only the first one! We here in Stouffville have had white our snow storms, slippery and freezing rain storms, as well as just straight up cold days and nights. Winter has been inescapable, and so has the prospect of snow removal.

If we could, dear Stouffville, please take a moment to thank the people that undertake this kind of work. It is gruelling, tiresome work that takes hours if not days to complete (depending on the intensity of the snow storm) and the job can be fairly thankless. It could even be the opposite of thankful, people tend to hate it when the plow pushes snow onto their driveway. It’s a very hard job, but someone has to do it, and we have to thank all the people from our very town of Stouffville who help clear the roadways.

Not just the roadways either – but the commercial parking lots too. People who own businesses in these commercial areas might hate having to pay for these companies to come, but it is integral. We are going to discuss, dead Stouffville business owners, why having commercial snow removal is essential for any business today. The cost may be pricey, but the rewards are worth it. Remember, there are professionals out there who are happy to take these kinds of jobs. 

What Is Commercial Snow Removal? 

Picture this – a business owner is getting ready to go to their shop in the morning. They get up early in the morning, get dressed and step outside. All they see before them is something we’ve been seeing for the last couple of months – a blanket of snow. 

They start to dread the day. Not only do they have to shovel themselves out of this terrible layer of white chore, they have to do it at their business as well. Maybe they won’t get open on time. Maybe their customers won’t be able to make it to their business.

Commercial Snow Removal is usually a task done by a company that specializes in the previous thing. It takes a load off of the business owner by providing the service of snow removal, usually before the business owner even gets there.

But we get ahead of ourselves here. What we need to remember is this – a commercial snow removal company is going to remove snow for a privately owned business, usually the walkways and the parking lot for that business.

Why Use A Commercial Snow Removal Company?

This is where we answer the question of the article: is a commercial snow removal company worth it? We hate to spoil the ending, but the answer is yes.

1 – One’s Customers Will Be Able To Enter The Store

If the store is blocked by a bunch of snow, then no one will be able to enter the store. This seems pretty obvious, because it is. 

2 – One’s Customers Will Be Able To Park In The Parking Lot

How will customers park at the store if there is nowhere to put their car? And if there is too much snow on the ground, people aren’t going to want to park their cars there. What if they get stuck?

3- A Lack of Lawsuits 

If someone slips on a walkway in front of a business, the business owner could be liable. Even if they aren’t the legal headache in general would just be a pain! 

4 – A Lack of Injury

Speaking of pain, a nice plowed walkway and parking lot means that a lot less people are going to be slipping and falling in one’s business. Which means less injury and of course, more happy customers. 

The business owner, in the end, isn’t going to have to shovel all the snow required to get their property up to snuff. They can always rely on the commercial snow removal company to do it for them! 

We now have reached the end of this article about wether or not a commercial snow removal company is worth it. Yes, they can be pricier, but it’s a price that most companies have to eat. This is winter after all, and we all have to face the winter together. And hey, once everyone in the plaza has put together their money, perhaps it won’t be so pricey. Smaller businesses would have smaller parking lots, so the price might go down then. All in all, we find there are professionals out there who have fair prices when it comes to commercial snow removal. 

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