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Different Options For Holiday Lighting

Well, fellow denizens of Stouffville – it seems that fall is upon us. Our carefree days of summer have seemingly passed, and we can now look forward to that most in-betweeny of seasons, fall. 

Yes, fall! Where the leaves all turn a different color, where the nights go from a cool chill to a definite cold, where the sunny days of summer get shorter, shorter – then very short. We are on the cusp of this season, which is of course the precursor to… well, we all know.

The winter. If the fall was a foreboding season, then winter is the season to which the fall forebodes. Chilly nights are something we’ll all be pining after – those cool breezes will be replaced with freezing temperatures. Those beautiful leaves that spark up life in the fall? Gone by winter, replaced by… well, a whole lot of nothing. The winter is just that – lots of nothing. 

However, winter does have a saving grace, and it’s possibly one of the best times to be alive. Heck, there is a reason it’s called “The most wonderful time of the year”. Yes, winter has the holiday season, a time for joy, a time for giving, a time where we forget for a moment we’re about to enter the coldest, most unforgiving season and instead just be happy.

There are a lot of things that contribute to a person’s happiness during the holiday season. Some people may say the giving is the best part, some may say it’s the cold nights where one stays in their cozy home next to loved ones. We like to say that the holiday (or Christmas) lights are the best part!

A true mixture of visual cacophony and tranquility, the holiday lighting setup has to be one of the biggest perks of the holiday season. They fill us with the warmth we need during the colder seasons, and are a true spectacle every time we see them. They’re nostalgic in ways we cannot describe, and they also promise so much for the future. Yes, holiday lighting is a great thing, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.

But, are there alternatives to holiday lighting? We’d like to think no, but there are some out there who don’t have the time, or the money, or most importantly the patience to spend a bunch of time putting up their own holiday lighting. However, for those who want to do an alternative, perhaps even something easier, than this article will show any grander, homeowner or landscaper out there who wants to go that route the ropes! So, without further ado, let’s talk about all the alternatives to holiday lighting. For the record, those that don’t have the patience to put up their holiday lighting can always get a professional to do it for them! It’s much easier, much more convenient and best of all – saves on precious holiday moments!

So what would one use instead of traditional holiday lighting? What would capture that same spirit as the beautiful lighting displays, without all the major hassle? Well, here are just a few options:

The Wreath

One of the most traditional of holiday decorations, a wreath can be a great alternative to holiday lighting. This ring of greenery can be an excellent symbol of this most joyous of seasons, and can be a great way to show one’s holiday spirit!

However, there’s just one problem – at night, a wreath is going to disappear in the wintery darkness. This is where we have another option – we could adorn our wreaths with some holiday lights! That way, they would break through the darkness and at any time be a shining beacon towards one’s holiday cheer!


Talk about traditional! Before we were blessed with all the comforts that we are privy too in modern society (all the non-flammable comforts) people used to use candles to brighten up their holiday displays! They used to put them in their trees, so they could capture the holiday spirit before they had electricity.

However, before we all go creating extreme fire hazards lets consider that… Well, that we wouldn’t want to go burning down our trees anytime soon. So what would be a good alternative? Well, candles in the window sill would be a great way to emulate that holiday lighting feel.

Here’s the issue though – candles in general are still a bit of a fire hazard. Unlike our ancestors however, we have electricity! Fake candles do the same job as regular candles, with much less fire hazard. In short – if one wants to light up some windows this holiday season but they don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of putting up lights, electric fake candles in one’s window should do the trick! 

Pre-Lit Decorations

This, without a doubt, is the easiest of all the options. One just has to plop one of these pre-lit decorations in their yard, plug it in and presto! Holiday spirit at instant speed. 

The downside of these pre-lit holiday decorations is while they may be beautiful, while they may scream holiday cheer and while they may be dirt easy – they don’t come cheap. They will probably cost the average homeowner, landscaper or gardener way more than they’re willing to spend on holiday decorations.

Here is the upside though – if they’re properly taken care of, they also tend to be a one time purchase! So, for those out there who want to have easily holiday lighting alternative decorations in the future, this may be something they want to pick up.

Here’s the deal, homeowners, gardeners and landscapers of Stouffville – there’s nothing that beats a traditional holiday lighting setup. Sure, the aforementioned alternatives are great accents to the holiday lighting setup, but like we said, there’s nothing that beats a full setup. However, as previously mentioned, all those out there who don’t have the patience to do it themselves have an alternative… hire the professionals! 

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