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Where To Put A Plow (Part 2) 

Ahhh, winter. What is the opinion on winter, Stouffville? Every month of this season we tend to rip on it as much as possible, because truth be told it isn’t our favourite. There isn’t a lot of work to be done because there isn’t a lot of outside time, so work cannot even be done. Especially during the treacherous winters of Stouffville – we have hardly any time to be outside without freezing our faces off. The only chores that we can do are usually related to snow or slush, something we tend to want to avoid.

But that’s not a controversial statement, is it Stouffville? For years the people of Stouffville have known how much of a pain it is to have to deal with snow and slush every year. Even the people in Stouffville who claim to love the winter can’t say with a straight face that slush is a highlight. Heck, we bet they couldn’t even say that slush was a good part, we’d bet that we couldn’t find one person who actually likes slush in this whole town.

So what does one do with all the slush that is inevitably going to show up come winter time? Well, what we have to do is remove it, same with the snow. Remove isn’t the right word, Stouffville, even though it is one half of snow removal. It’s less removal and it’s more displacing, isn’t it? We don’t really get rid of the snow at all, we mostly just take it and move it from one place to another. 

So how are we going to do that? Well the average person living in Stouffville tends to use a shovel to get their personal snow off of their driveway. However, we have a more elegant, much easier solution – why not use a plow? It’s essentially a big shovel that tends to be powered by a motor! Wether that motor be literally attached to the plow itself or attached to the thing pushing the plow, one cannot say that the plow makes the job infinitely easier. But we get ahead of ourselves, today we’re going to talk about on which things one should put a plow. This is our second article talking about this subject, so for those who haven’t seen the first make sure to check it out on our blog And for the people out there who don’t want to bother putting a plow on anything, remember there are professionals out there who already have plows on their vehicles! 

Why Use A Plow? 

We first have to answer the question – why would someone even go through all the hassle of attaching a plow? Why even use a plow in the first place? Why use a plow when the average gardener, landscaper or homeowner has a perfectly good shovel kicking around their house?

Of course one does not have to use a plow for snow removal. Attaching a plow to anything, as we’ve said, can be very tedious. It can be a real pain in the butt and at least one time it can add a bunch of work to an otherwise not busy day. But here’s the kicker, ladies and gentlemen – it can alleviate a lot of future work. 

Yes, using a plow is obviously a lot easier than using a shovel. Where a shovel would take hours to remove snow from a property, a plow (depending on what it’s attached too) can take mere minutes. A plow can go around a property very quickly, whereas using a shovel can take a very long time. It’s a simple equation – more time is bad, less time is good. That’s something we can all agree on, right?

Where To Put A Plow

This is the second time we’ve gone over this subject, so we’re not going to talk about putting a plow on an ATV or on a lawn mower. However, there were a couple that we missed, including a very popular one…

A Truck

This is where we see the most plows when it comes to putting a plow on something. We see a lot of people in the winter driving around with plows on their trucks, pushing the snow all around. And frankly, it’s for a good reason. Not only will having a plow on one’s truck make for a very easy snow removal season, but it will probably be the best place to put a plow just in terms of mechanics. When it comes to an ATV or a lawn mower, putting a plow on that might put a lot of stress on that vehicle. And yes, while putting a plow on a truck does cause the vehicle some stress, it won’t be as much as an ATV or a lawn mower. 

So what’s the downside of putting a plow on one’s truck? Well, as we said before, it can put a lot of stress on the vehicle (especially during the winter, which tends to be the most stressful time for a car) and that would mean the life of the vehicle would be shortened by a lot. Plus, once all the people in the neighbourhood find out one of the neighbours has a plow on their truck, everyone will be asking for help!

The Tractor

This one is far less popular, because as far as we know only farmers really own these. However, for those who do own tractors, they can be one of the best places to put a plow. And considering the amount of property one has to have to justify owning a tractor, a plow might not be such a bad idea!

And so, this article about where to put a plow has come to an end. But we learned a whole lot about plows, didn’t we? We learned why we should use a plow in the first place – because it makes the job of snow removal a lot easier. We also learned two more places we could put a plow – on a truck (which is the most popular option) or a tractor (which tends to be for people with a lot more property). In the end, let’s remember the simple equation – less work, means it’s better! And for those out there who don’t have plows, remember there are professionals out there who do and can help!

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