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More Winter and Pre-Winter Jobs For The Average Landscaper, Homeowner or Gardner

And so, another winter is coming to an end. Gone are the days when snow would blanket the streets and fields of Stouffville, Ontario. Instead, they will soon be covered in the lush greens of grass and plants. No longer will we be faced with dulled shades, specifically grey and white, but instead will be greeted by all the colours of the rainbow. The sun shines longer, the days grow brighter and our lives, collectively, get a little less dreary.

Homeowners, landscapers and gardeners are especially happy for this time of season. Homeowners because they can once again beautify their yards, gardeners because they can finally return to the pastime that shares their name, and landscapers because… well, they can finally go back to work!

The winter time is a hard one for landscapers. Either they go on E.I. for the winter months and their existence becomes one of staying home and waiting for the snow to melt, or they find some other job they can do for the time being. This article is going to focus on the ladder of those two options- the jobs that landscapers (or homeowners or gardeners) can do in the winter to either keep themselves busy, or even better- make a little bit of extra cash.

We’ve covered this subject before on this website, but we found we had barely scratched the surface. Plus, as landscapers ourselves, we think it would be best to find our fellow kin other jobs they could also do during the coldest of seasons. And so, without further ado, this is More Winter and Pre-Winter Jobs For The Average Landscaper, Homeowner or Gardner.

Working On Trees and Shrubs

Sounds like a spring job, doesn’t it? And yes, while trees and shrubs should definitely be planet in the spring, there are a couple of things that a landscaper can do to a tree in the winter months, or possibly at least before the ground freezes.

That caveat at the end was put in there specifically because one can only transplant a tree or a shrub when the ground isn’t frozen. Have a client that desperately needs a tree moved from one place to another before winter? As long as the ground is still good to go so is that tree. 

Shrubs are also in the same boat as trees, where the ground needs to be malleable so that a shrub can go into the ground. These are great jobs that can make some money before and during some of the warmer parts of the winter. 

Holiday Lights

Yes, this is probably the biggest job that landscapers do in the winter. This job is a huge money maker, and it’s a business that can be sustained year after year. Usually, a landscaper will buy their own lights, put them up for a client, and then take them down when the holidays are over. And, depending on the size of a property, the profits can even be in the quadruple digits! 

Not only that, but it allows landscapers to hone their design skills in the winter as well. A great landscaper will make the difference between a good looking design and an excellent looking design. Sure, at first it takes a lot of planning, but once the average landscaper gets the hang of putting up lights they should end up being able to do multiple jobs fairly quickly. 

The only issue with holiday lights is that… well, they only come around in the holidays. However, it is a job that can run through usually December, and goes all the way into January where landscapers can do the takedown of those very holiday lights. Another issue with holiday lighting is that they can be a bit of an investment in the beginning. Buying the lights all at once can be a bit of a pain, but the purchase is definitely worth it. 

Fall Cleanup

Another seasonal job, but one that can net a whole lot of profits. Remember being a kid and raking leaves as a chore at the house? Now that same chore can be exploited for huge amounts of cash. People who have big properties tend not to want to rake their own leaves, so landscapers can use that as an opportunity to make some money before winter. 

Yes, the job can be a bit tedious, it takes a while and leaves if they are wet tend to be a bit heavy. Also, there is disposing of the leaves. However, a price can be worked out for bags in which the leaves can be placed. These jobs may be a fair bit of work, but the money that can be made from these jobs is great to get landscapers and especially those that own landscaping businesses through the harsh winter. 

And so, this article about more jobs that landscapers can do in the winter has come to an end. At first, we talked about moving trees in the winter. Yes, it has to be done before the ground gets too frozen, but it is a job that tends to be fairly easy and can be done for some quick cash. Then, we talked about holiday lighting. Holiday lighting is one of the easiest and quickest money makers for landscapers in the winter. Yes, the investment might be a lot, but it is certainly worth it for the beginning months of winter. Finally, there’s fall cleanup. Raking leaves can be a great way to make some money before the winter months, when landscaping is out of season. Yes, the job tends to be pretty hard, but the money that one can make from these jobs are pretty hard.

All in all, there are a lot of jobs that landscapers can do in the winter. While it may not be in season for landscapers, there are still a lot of opportunities for them to make money. All that it takes is that a landscaper needs to look out for those very opportunities. 

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